Thursday, November 11, 2010

Book Review: The Strategically Small Church

cover “Our culture’s infatuation with bigness—bigger cars, bigger houses, bigger businesses—has infiltrated the church. But smaller doesn’t equal second rate. Leadership Journal editor and former pastor Brandon O’Brien shows how small churches are uniquely equipped for success in today’s culture. (…) O’Brien asks churches to rethink what it means to be successful. Sometimes small is just right.” ~ Back cover, The Strategically Small Church

This relatively short (171 pages) read isn’t another “How to Quadruple Your Church’s Membership in 30 Days” manual, nor is it about breaking your large congregation of 1500+ down into “baby churches”. Instead author Brandon J. O’Brien encourages leaders and laypersons of smaller congregations to realize their unique potential as a smaller, family focused, mission-driven community.

My Opinion:

I found The Strategically Small Church to be very insightful, challenging, and thought-provoking. As a member of a little congregation (less than 50 people), I admit to occasionally (ok, more than occasionally) thinking up ways to  transform our tiny “chicken nugget” of a congregation into a mega-church “Whopper”.  However by the end of the book, both my perspective and desires had changed.

The little church can make a huge difference in their community. They just have to be willing to “rethink what it means to be successful.” (No super-sizing necessary.)

The Strategically Small Church provides vital information to today’s churches, both large and small. Pastors and leaders from around the world would be wise to glean as much as possible from its pages.

To learn more about this book or to read the first chapter, please visit the author’s website.

*Disclosure: I received a free copy of The Strategically Small Church from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for this review. No additional compensation was provided and the thoughts/views expressed are my own.*

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Heidi... said...

Thanks for this review! I may need to pick up a copy of this book. We attend a small church and I feel like I'm always apologizing for our diminutive size.


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