Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Curly Girlie Practice & A Call for Help

In case I’ve failed to mention it {which I’m pretty notorious for}, Abby volunteered to dress up as a “party girl” and hand out Nutcracker trading cards this Sunday evening at Pacific Northwest Ballet. {Abby was accepted into Pacific Northwest Ballet School in September but didn’t audition for Nutcracker.} The trading cards are part of the Opening Weekend festivities taking place at PNB.

So as I was saying, Girlie volunteered to be a party girl {because that’s the costume she fit – “Party Girl: 4’ 8”} and although the infamous party girl curls are optional…she wants them. Not only that, but she wants me to replicate Clara’s hairdo.

{She clearly has far more confidence in my hair styling abilities than she should.}

There was a “Girl’s Curls Class” about a week ago, but I had to miss it.

Then a friend of ours was going to come over and help, but then the snow/ice hit and well…who wants to drive through that?! {Shudder}

So it’s just me, a can of Aqua Net, a bottle of hair gel, a package of sponge rollers, end papers, and a whole lot of prayer.

{I think I need to ramp up the prayers because this is what I got, which looks nothing like Clara’s head…}



You’ll have to excuse the messy bun. That was quickly pinned up to get the rest of her {incredibly long} tresses out of the way. Winking smile 

Okay so, if any of you Mommies out there have any advice to give, send it my way.

How do I make her curls more “Shirley Temple” instead of  “Spiral Perm Gone Bad”? Obviously I have to practice more with those {extremely pesky to work with once your fingers are coated in gel and hairspray} end papers….what else am I doing wrong???


Kimberly said...

You may want to try rag curls - you just may not be able to get the sponge curlers tight enough.

Shannon R said...

I was about to say the same thing... rag curls for sure... Penny has a great "how to" book on it if you don't know how. Chaeli LOVES her hair done with rag curls... and it definately makes that Shirley Temple look... but whatever happens, she does have gorgeous curls even like that...
Thing I do with Chaei (following Penny's instructions) is I coat Chaeli's hair in curl mousse before ragging it, leave it in for sleeping, and uncurl the next morning, and spray very lightly with a "flexible hold" hair spray.

Rachel said...

Better than I would do! I would call my mom (who was a licensed beautician for years) so I'm no help. :-) But I like the curls.

Heidi said...

Personally, I think it looks adorable! Ashley's hair is so thick and never took very well to curls, so when she had something that required "special hair treatment" I called a beautician! Gracie's hair holds curl very well, but it's like silk so it's no the easiest to work with. I use a curling iron to curl hers. I really am impressed you did this with curlers - I think they're hard to work with!

Silence said...

I think they look really cute! You go, Abby!


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