Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Definition of “Insanity”

…is “doing the same thing over and over, while expecting a different result.” {Or so I’ve heard. I haven’t the time the patience to actually look it up at the moment.} With the way things have become incredibly chaotic around here – and by that I mean our schedule – we’ve decided that some major changes are necessary in order to keep me – well, sane.

Enter the newest phase in our homeschooling journey – the Columbia Virtual Academy. Yes, it’s a tenant of the public school system. No, I don’t like that aspect of it. However, unlike other virtual public schools offered in our state, this one allows me to maintain my homeschooler status. {Something I am adamantly opposed to giving up.} I also feel that their curriculum – Calvert – is more on target with my children versus the others.

This decision was based on a number of factors, the primary ones being:

1. We’re not sure how much longer Dean will physically be able to work. His chronic pain isn’t getting better. In fact, it’s getting worse. There are days/nights when he literally cries because the pain is so bad. Having to work 8 hrs a day doesn’t help.

2. If he has to stop working and go on disability, I’ll have to go back to work full-time. {I’ve already started looking.}

3. Dean cannot handle homeschooling the way I do at this point in time {unit studies}. It would drive him insane. :) Yet we both want our children to continue to homeschool through high school graduation…

4. Which leaves us with only one option: a structured program which makes “getting it all done” a cinch – or at least, less difficult – for everyone.

Obviously this decision wasn’t made lightly or sans prayer. Although it will dramatically change the way things are done around here, it doesn’t change the fact that we’re committed to homeschooling and always will be. This is just a new direction for our family at this moment in time, and I’m hoping it won’t last forever. {Because I’m one of those fiercely independent types that doesn’t like to answer to anyone in regard to my children.}

But for right now, I appreciate all the help and support…because I need it.


Heather said...

Thinking of you and your family and praying for peace while you come to all these decisions--and also health for Dean. (((HUGS)))

Mrs. White said...

Love and hugs to you!!!

I love how you share about your life with us. I know it encourages many and helps get them through the good and bad times.

You have tons of support for all you do!

Mrs. White

Laura O said...


I am sure it was a long thought out and prayed over decision. I have friends in Ohio that did a virtual school using Calvert materials and they loved it. I actually inherited some of the textbooks from them, but not the lesson plans. I will say that I just received an almost complete set for 2nd grade and am more impressed than I thought I would be. Now it has me wondering if all my hodge podge stuff is worth it in the end.

I'll be praying for you and Dean.

Kelly said...

I will be praying for you and your family and for God's will to be worked out for you. He knows you are committed and He is committed to you also.


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