Friday, November 26, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday–Challenge Week 5

Give yourselves a round of applause, ladies! We’ve made it to the halfway point in the 10 Week Challenge! {Woohoo!} Pretty amazing, wouldn’t you say, especially in light of the fact that yesterday was Thanksgiving and the official start of the big “holiday season”. Winking smile

For those of you who got your morning dose of exercise “power shopping” through all those insane Black Friday sales, catch your breath a moment and relax. You deserve it! As for the rest of us {who enjoy sleep far more than an awesome sale at 4am}, what are your workout plans post-Turkey Day? I plan on hitting the bike after I’m done with this post. {Which almost feels like cheating because I get to sit! Ha!}

Up until Thanksgiving, my week went pretty well. I abstained from all forms of junk food, drank a good {better than normal, anyway} amount of water, and got my daily workouts in. They included a few “On Demand” workouts, as well as my favorite Jillian and Firm routines. There was absolutely no outdoor walking, either around town or through Seattle due to recent blast of snow/ice. In fact, most everything, including the children’s activities {ballet, tae kwon do} were canceled because of it. {They were totally bored but I personally welcomed the break! Hee hee!}

I didn’t get a workout in yesterday, but I figured since it was Thanksgiving, it would be okay to take the day off. Winking smile In hind’s sight, I probably should’ve, considering I ate 2 helpings of supper! {Shudder} But…too late now, right? Hence, the bike staring at me from it’s little corner. {Ahem}

So how is everyone doing at our official “halfway” milestone? Have you started seeing results? Are the pounds and/or inches coming off? Are your clothes feeling looser? How’s your energy? Your skin? {I find that the better I eat/more I workout, the better my skin looks. Smile} Take a moment and share a bit of these encouraging results in your post. I’d love to read them!


SisterTipster said...

Thanks for encouraging us~I'm seeing results and like you, getting outside is a challenge in bad weather...YOU GO GIRL! Have a blessed day! HUGS!

Annie Kate said...

So, can I notice the difference?

Absolutely! I can walk to the post office and back now, at a reasonable pace. And it's almost 2 miles in total! Our Rideau Trail hikes have given me real motivation, too.

This is not bad for a lady who could barely walk 200 m less than a year ago. (Of course, that's mostly due to finding the last traces of gluten in my diet, but it still counts.)

Happy exercising!

Annie Kate

Debra said...

I'm on the every other week check-in plan. Anybody want to holler at me next Friday if I don't check in?

and holler at me if I don't report in that I've worked out.

And holler at me... oh, I'm sure there are plenty of other things that I deserve to be hollered at about...


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