Thursday, November 18, 2010

Make A Little Extra “Jingle” for the Holidays

{Warning: Shameless self-promotion in 5…4…3…2…}

If you’re looking for fun way to earn a little {or a lot!} of extra cash this holiday season, you may want to check out Avon. {Yep, I went there. *Hee hee*}

For the past few months, my daughter Sierra and I have been working together as independent Avon reps and have enjoyed every minute of it! {Note: Her name doesn’t show up anywhere on our website or brochures as she’s under 18. However, she does the bulk of the “work” to gain business skills and work experience.} Now that the holidays are here, we decided it was time to “share the love” so to speak, and invite others to take advantage of all that Avon has to offer.

A Few Brief FAQ’s:

How much does it cost? Just $20 – or to put in another way, 1 Starbucks drink a day for 5 days. :)  This includes your Starter Kit filled with brochures, samples, training materials, etc.

How much will I earn? You will earn 40% during your first 4 campaigns (1 campaign = 2 weeks). After that, your earnings are based on the current commission structure which is pretty darn good!

Do I have to go door-to-door? Uhh, only if you want to. :)

So if you or someone you know is interested in pursuing Avon, please visit our website or leave a comment with your contact info below. :)

{We now return to our regularly scheduled blogging…}

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