Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Little Man Turned 12…(Yikes)

I’m finally getting Ethan’s party pics posted! Hooray! (I know, I know…better late than never, right?) To be fair, I’ve never claimed to be the most punctual of mothers nor the most technologically inclined. I usually have to wait for Dean to pull them off the camera before I’ll even attempt such a feat, but this time—insert proud as a peacock grin here—I managed to look through said photos all by myself! (Thank you, thank you…you’re too kind.)

And now, prepare to be visually impressed. Or not. Here’s this weekend’s “dude party” in all its testosterone fueled glory…

IMG_8692            Nothing like a little bouncing to get things started off right…

IMG_8702Poor Fernando. Every time we have extra girlies over, he always gets dressed up in Build-A-Bear garb. (Hee hee) I think his face says, “Uh...a little help here!?” 

IMG_8712      Fabulous cake baked up and “lightly decorated” per Ethan’s instructions by Sierra.

IMG_8736Happy Birthday toooooo youuuuuuuu!!!!IMG_8742

IMG_8744“Okay, so who wants cake AND ice cream?”

IMG_8758   Present time! Woohooo!!!

IMG_8760It’s kinda funny how the boys positioned themselves on one side…

IMG_8762While the girls sat on the other side. Hmm. 

IMG_8764More Star Wars stuff! Cool!

IMG_8766Fabulous card and BrickMaster Lego book…awesome!

IMG_8772Rachel wrote a quote from “E.T.” in her card: “I’ll be right here!” This made them both just crack up!  PS: Check out Rachel’s jacket. Isn’t it cool? I tried it on—and it totally fits—but funny story, she wouldn’t let me keep it. Humph! Some nerve.

Thanks everyone for making my little man’s day so special!!!! :) You are all such a blessing!

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Heather said...

Feeling a little like a stalker today, but I HAD to come by and tell you I love his hair! Handsome guy! My boys all had long hair around 12, too. I miss that look. Glad he had a great day!


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