Tuesday, November 16, 2010

{An Ode to Caffeine}


O! Glorious caffeine! How you move me {literally} throughout my tightly scheduled day!

You propel me across stormy seas filled with deadlines and emails, phone calls and bills, homeschool lessons and errands, workouts and chores.

You provide a decadent canvas of beauty with which to steady my tired gaze—one filled with hot, swirling chai tea fused with cinnamon, sugar—{beautiful sugar}—and delicious vanilla almond milk.

Because of you I can accomplish my daily tasks—none of which are remotely possible on -5 hours of sleep!

You keep me from crashing, from succumbing to defeat. You keep me standing {and sometimes running} upon my own two feet.

O, caffeine! Blessed caffeine! Where oh where would my supreme multitasking talents be without a steady supply of your adrenal gland damaging hot, frothy delights?

Caffeine! Caffeine! Glorious caffeine! At last we meet again…

1 comment:

Kelly said...

Love it! (especially as I read while drinking my caffeine jolt of choice - Coke Zero - with a side of Excedrin migraine.


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