Saturday, November 20, 2010

Witnessing the Power of ‘Mommy Ears’

The children were supposed to be all snuggled in their beds.

{But of course, that would be too easy.}

From the dining room, I could hear the following argument coming from my daughters’ room…

Abby: “Give it back, Sierra!”

Sierra: “What? I don’t have anything.”

Abby: “Yes, you do! Now give it to me!”

Sierra: “Sheesh, you’re so dramatic. I hear there’s a prescription for that…. Owww!”

Me: “Sierraaaa….! Whatever it is, give it back. Abby! Quit hitting your sister.”

Sierra: “But I didn’t take anythi—”


Me: {Preparing to get up from my throne chair in a frustrated “Harumph!”} “Sierra Ashley, whatever you previously took –and possibly threw back in the dark so your sister can’t possibly find it—find it and give it back. NOW!”

Sierra: {Giggling} “Alright, alright. Sheesh…”{Then she whispers: “How did she know that, anyway?”}

Dean finally enters the scene. “What’s going on?” he asks. I explain the last 60 seconds of my life to which he replies, “I’ll take care of it” in a teasing Daddy sort of way. He proceeds to make a big show of paternal power as he stomps down the hall. {My hero…}

Dean: “Okay, what’s going on in here? Why is Abby screaming at you, Sierra?”

Sierra: “What?! I didn’t do anything! She’s the dramatic one.” {Giggles}

Dean: “Uh huh. Sure. Then how come I can hear Mommy yelling at you if you didn’t do anything?”

Sierra: “I honestly don’t know how she even heard what’s going on in here. We’re totally down the hall and we were not that loud.”

Dean: “Are you kidding me? She’s got ‘Mommy ears’! Those suckers pick up everything!”

Suddenly a little boy’s voice chimes in with its own two cents worth…

Ethan: “Uhh…Witness! ‘Mommy Ears’ hear all!”

And then this was me:


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