Friday, December 10, 2010

Anonymous Blessings

Over the past week or so, my family has been blessed with two anonymous cash gifts.

Each gift has arrived in the mail with no return address, nor a note inside.

I wish I knew who was behind these amazingly well-timed blessings, but they know who they are and so does the Lord himself. Smile 

As a matter of fact, both blessings have arrived just after I prayed for a specific amount necessary to cover an expense or a bill. It truly is amazing!

So, if “you” happen to be reading this ~ thank you. Thank you for your loving kindness and generosity. Thank you for being the instrument the Lord used to answer my prayers. You are a blessing in more ways than one and even if I never learn your name, I just had to let you know that your thoughtfulness hasn’t gone unnoticed and is truly, sincerely appreciated.


Mari said...

That is truly amazing. What a blessing that is. See there are still great people in the world, and prayers do go along way, keep praying people, he is listening.

Kristenph said...

Isn't God awesome?


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