Friday, December 3, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday - Challenge Week 6


Can you believe that we've made it the home-stretch? It's December 3rd...only 28 days left to go before the winner of our first ever Fit Mommy Challenge is crowned! {Wow} I don't know about you, but I'm getting really excited! :o)

I've been thinking of this month as a "last chance workout"--pulling out all the stops and really pushing things hard to make it across the finish line. I've been using Firm tapes all week {if you use them, then you know how brutal they can be!} and limiting my chai consumption to the bare minimum. {For the record, that's two cups per day. Pathetic, yes?}

Heavier workouts unfortunately mean my hunger has increased exponentially, so to combat this I've been drinking more water and herbal tea instead of reaching for a bagel--my preferred method of quick satiation. {Viva la carbs!} Heavier workouts also mean I'm even more tired in the morning {then again, this could be the result of a caffeine deficit} and find myself catching a few extra winks after Dean leaves instead of immediately starting my workout. {Can you see my guilt meter rising?}

Before I turn the floor over to you, I wanted to share all that our amazing Challenge Sponsors are generously giving to the winner--just to whet your appetites and encourage you! {Drum roll, please...}

How's that for keeping you encouraged long after the challenge ends?! Hee hee! I'm so excited and soooo honored that these awesome companies have agreed to come on board and support the Fit Mommy team! Thank you all so much. :o)

Okay, now it's time to check in. Post your links below and let's get to blog hoppin'!


Laura O in AK said...

What an awesome group of prizes, Denise!

I made myself post even though I didn't have anything great to share this time around. What can I say, temps hovering near 0 make me want lots of warm drinks.

i cant decide said...

Wow, those are some amazing prizes!

You are working really hard! Thanks for hosting this challenge this has been just the accountability I was needing!

I flaked out on leaving comments last weekend. I was going to come back and then the novel writing challenge kicked my behind, no excuse, but that's why.

I've been trying to go to bed earlier to combat the morning tiredness but I love my late nights too much!

Annie Kate said...

What a neat group of prizes! I've effectively lost any hope of earning them, but I'm pleased that I've been paying attention to fitness--thanks to Fit Mommy Friday-- for almost a year now.

You, on the other hand, are doing super!


Annie Kate

momma24 said...

Seeing those prizes is exactly what I needed to make sure I start working out again as soon as I'm done with this stupid allergic reaction...hopefully on Monday!

Lorus! said...

That is one amazing group of prizes!Thanks so much to you and Mrs. White for this challenge!

Oh, and your Chai consumption - thumbs up! To be lowering it as the cooler temps are coming in is tough!


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