Thursday, December 2, 2010

I’m “Special”…

Actually, I’m Happy Money Saver’s newest “Seattle-Area Specialist”! ;) Woohoo! I’m so excited!

So what exactly does this mean? Oh, I’m so glad you asked! Basically put, my job is two-fold:

  • I compile a monthly list of inexpensive/free local family events for publication on 
  • My front porch {or rather, the plastic bin under the front window} serves as a drop-off location for expired coupons. These coupons are then shipped out to our military families who can still use them up to 6 months past the expiration date. {Pretty cool, huh?}

I am so honored to have been selected for both of these tasks. {Thanks again, Karrie!} Now before you ask, no this isn’t a paying gig. However, it’s a lot of fun and in the case of the expired coupons, I feel as though I’m helping a very worthy cause.

Here’s a link to my first family events list. If any of you locals can think of anything I might’ve missed, be sure to leave a comment and share it! :)

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Rachel said...

How cool are you? Very!!


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