Friday, December 31, 2010

A Year in Review ~ 2010

As this insane year draws to a close, I thought I'd jump on the blogging bandwagon and take a moment to reflect on all that's transpired these past 12 months...

The Good:
  • My sweet friend, Mrs. White and I devised a fun fitness meme, "Fit Mommy Friday". This was done to help keep ourselves and moms like us accountable in our health/fitness goals. To spice things up for the end of the year, we created a "10 Week Challenge" and crowned the winner {Renita} this evening. :)
  • I got to see/review several amazing dance performances, including the premier of 3Seasons by Whim W'him , Farewell by Spectrum Dance Theater, Project 3 by Seattle Dance Project and several performances by Pacific Northwest Ballet {including Coppelia & Sleeping Beauty}.
  • Oh my gosh, my trip to the Elvis Room at Mama's Mexican Restaurant...Sooooo fun!
  • Sierra and Ethan broke a massive amount of boards in taekwondo and received their red and "zebra" (black & white) belts. {My kids are freakin' awesome!}
  • Abby performed in her ballet recital with Pacific Chamber Ballet. She and her classmates did an outstanding job!!!
  • We made a trip to Whidbey Island with Dean's side of the family. We rented an awesome house and had a great time relaxing and hanging out together. The only flaw was the fact that I spent the entire weekend sicker than a dog....ugh! {I think the stress of the busy month finally caught up with me.}
  • Dean & I celebrated 12 years of matrimony. {Me + a hippie...who would've thunk it?!}
  • In September, Abby was accepted into Pacific Northwest Ballet School. {Woohoo!}
  • I was accepted for a position with Living My MoMent's Brand Development Team! {Insert angel chorus here} I can't wait to get started in January! :)
The Not So Good & Downright Bad:
  • Abby's move to PNBS was very bittersweet, as it looked as though her current dance school, Pacific Chamber Ballet was going to have to close its doors. But since then, several fundraising efforts have allowed the school to remain open... for the time being.
  • In February, Dean's grandmother Lindy lost her battle with cancer. That really, really sucked.
  • October marked a full year since my uncle lost his cancer battle. {Have I mentioned how much I dispise cancer????}
  • My mom lost her job at the hospital, thanks to a corporate merger. {Thankfully, she was able to find another position at a nearby clinic.}
  • My workaholic father got fed up with everything going on at his company {the one he'd worked for, for over 30 years} and said, in the words of Johnny Paycheck, "Take this job and shove it". He officially retired at the age of 64. {Hmm. I guess this can go under the "good" category, too...}
  • Last but not least, Ethan decided he really likes The Grateful Dead like his daddy. I'm not thrilled.
And on that note, I'd like to wish everyone a very happy, a very safe, a very prosperous and a tremendously blessed 2011. Happy New Year!!!!!

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