Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Bittersweet “Bombshell”

Tonight's "Cinderella" rehearsal ended with a deafening "bang"!

Abby {Clock Child/Pumpkin #6, Cast A} has gone from being assigned to 6 Cinderella performances to all 11. Why? Because Clock Child/Pumpkin #6, Cast B is out due to illness.

This means that Abby will now perform two shows per day, Thursday through Friday (matinee, evening) from February 4th-13th.

Which means I'm going to be looking a lot like this cat here REAL soon...!

stress1{Yes, I know I’ve used this picture before. I find it’s the perfect touch to blog posts such as these.}

While this will obviously require an even bigger commitment from our family (time, gas/bus money, energy, schedule juggling), we also realize what an incredible opportunity this is for her. This will be her first “real taste” of what the dance world is like and allow her to see if this really something she wants to pursue. If she decides she likes it {and I have a sneaking suspicion she will!}, this will make her even more determined to audition for, and land a part in, next year’s Nutcracker. {Which is an even BIGGER commitment! I’ve heard some mighty insane stories, folks. Trust me. It’s HUGE!}

Yet on the other hand, we feel terrible for her friend. This little girl is so sweet to Abby, and has been from Day One. It breaks my heart to think that she won’t be able to see all her hard work pay off on the big stage. I can truly imagine the heartbreak this little girl must be going through right now. :(

So tonight while I pray for her little friend {and even pray that she would miraculously be well enough to perform at least once}, I’m praying for my daughter as well. She’s excited, extremely nervous and just a bit overwhelmed by this sudden news. I know she’s up to the challenge; I just pray I can help keep her going by allowing for plenty of rest, lots of extra protein and tons of prayers for her health to hold up….

And of course, I have to throw more than a half-million prayers in there for my bank account that’s about to take a nosedive due to all the gas and bus fare I’ll be buying up! Not to mention prayers for my sanity with trying to coordinate Abby’s schedule along with Sierra’s and Ethan’s, four jobs, homeschooling, housework…You get the idea. :)


SisterTipster said...

I can RELATE to your frazzled kitty~love him! LOL...Thanks and take good care OF YOU, dear! HUGS!

Maureensk said...

Wow, that sounds a bit stressful, but an excellent opportunity. I have a blogging award for you at http://www.homeschoolmo.com/2011/01/i-received-blogging-award.html .

Kelly said...

Praying it's all going well for Abby and you ... and your family. My 5yo daughter says that your picture is a very scary cat. I told her it was a frazzled cat and she said "It's still scary."


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