Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fit Mommy Friday


Happy Friday, everyone!

Well, okay. So it's not technically Friday at the time of this posting. Well, I suppose if you're located in the EST, then it *is* Friday. :) But I digress...! It's time for this week's Fit Mommy check-in so let's get to it, shall we?

Right off the bat, I'll admit to you all that I have not been very diligent in regard to my nutrition this week. Sure, I ate several bowls of Raisin Bran (Mmm...fiber) and I think tuna fish sandwiches are good (and I do make them with cholesterol free mayo), but beyond that? It wasn't pretty.

I didn't indulge in junk food or anything like that. But I wasn't exactly reaching for the greens like I should've been, either. In fact, I've only been reaching for that which is quick and requires little preparation. With all the running around between Cinderella rehearsals, regular ballet classes and taekwondo lessons, plus keeping up with work assignments...Sigh. It was so much easier to reach for something I didn't have to actually cook up or clean/wash first. Or go to the store and buy because I didn't have it right there in front of me. (Hence, the multiple bowls of Raisin Bran.)

I've scaled back my workouts from 90-120 mins to 60-90 mins. This isn't because I feel lazy or anything, it's because I don't have a full 2 hrs to myself. At least, not without waking up earlier (and I already feel 5:30am is plenty early enough!), going to bed later (can't do that--I'm up working 'til 11-11:30pm as it is), or better managing my time during the day....

Okay, now this I could probably work with, I admit. I probably could have the children take on more responsibilities around the house during the day and get them to work more independently on their school work. But even then, I'm not sure where I'd squeeze in 2 hrs of uninterrupted sweat time in between 3 home jobs, cleaning and errands. {You know, I should just accept the fact that it's not gonna happen. LOL!}

So my plans for this week are to continue my daily workouts for as long as possible and *hopefully* cram a few more Zzz's into my nights. Those goals don't sound too terribly stretching, and yet just looking at them makes me kinda cringe on the inside. Just a little. {More sleep? Seriously? Like I have time for that.}

What about you???


SisterTipster said...

Hey Girl~
Sounds like you are working it! Seems like our schedules can get in the way for a time, but it won't be forever and as long as you add those greens you are great~WISH I could do those kinds of workouts~in time, I know~what inspiration! KEEP UP the great work. (What about getting some bag salad just to 'grab'~I do that..even get it fast food when in a bind. HUGS and have a blessed day!

i cant decide said...

That's a tough schedule! I think doing the best you can until things slow down is good! I hope you can find some easier ways to get back to how you want to eat!

Annie Kate said...

Oh, yes you can, Denise! You can find enough time to sleep! It's crucial, and it's one of God's gifts to us (Ps 127, I think).

By the way, sleep helps us lose weight, helps us be nice, helps us do our jobs well, and even makes us more beautiful. You can't afford to cut out sleep! Most other things can go, but be good to yourself and rest when you need it.

Now I'm stepping off my soap box to give you a very big (((hug))).


Annie Kate

Lorus! said...

You are a busy lady! Hopebully you will get the rest you need and find a way to eat healthy!

Unknown said...

Sleep is GOOD!!! You don't want to burn out!

Kelly said...

You sound like me, except instead of all the classes I have a 22 month old toddler who won't sit still. Although, then I chalk up running around behind him as my exercise :) 'cause I can't find any uninterrupted time. I try to go on walks with them, but my children can not (nor do they like to) walk as fast as I would like and I just don't feel like I'm exercising when I walk so slow. :) that leaves me with multiple trips up and down the stairs which is fine. I'm still losing. Have a great week and I'll be praying for more sleep. I know we could all use that.


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