Friday, January 28, 2011

Review: Ten Marks

Math is not the highlight of our day around here. My children loathe it, as do I. But as it is a necessary evil, I'm always on the look-out for a fun, innovative (read: less painful!) way to get it done. This next review is about such a product.

Ten Marks is an online math program designed for 3rd-10th grade students. Each week, students are assigned 4 worksheets to complete by their respective due date. The worksheets contain 10 multiple-choice problems each. {Get it? Ten Marks? Yes, I'm done now.} Once the student submits their answers, the computer scores their work and tells them which problems they got right or wrong. The student then has the option of going back over his/her work and make the necessary corrections. Also, if a student has trouble figuring out the problem in the first place, they can ask for a hint {up to 3 per lesson only} or watch a short video lesson.

Now, I have a slight issue here. Being that it's multiple choice, it makes it very easy to "cheat". My oldest (a master when it comes to "beating the system") would routinely inform me that she got all the problems right. Now, I knew this couldn't be accurate as she was doing pre-algebra and...well, let's face it. A pre-algebra master she is not! So that tipped me off right away. {You may be able to fool a computer, but you can't fool Mom!}

Later when I went back through the assignments (logged in as her), I found that indeed you can cheat by scoring 0 out of 10 right, then going back through and selecting different answers and receive a "mastery" score. Mastery is defined as 70% or above. I don't know how Ten Marks could begin to change this fact aside from having a parent or teacher sitting right next to the student at all times.

All that said...

What I do like about Ten Marks is the fact that it emails you your student's due dates and alerts you if your child hasn't completed his/her worksheets yet. This is really helpful to someone like me, who has a tendency to forget that which isn't right in front of her. :) I also like the fact that it allows you to set up a Rewards System to motivate reluctant learners. Although my children are beyond this, I can see this being a great bonus feature for younger students.

Ten Marks is available for $10/month. They offer a free trial as well as a money back guarantee. To learn more about the program or take it for a test drive, visit Ten

*Disclosure: I received a free subscription to Ten for review purposes. No additional compensation was provided and the thoughts/views expressed in this post are strictly my own. Any similarities to companies or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. {Wicked grin}*


Kelly said...

Loved your take on the review. Also the tip for older children "beating the system."

Rose said...

We were on Memoria Press online academy for a couple of years taking math classes~they use Rod and Staff and also Latin. The math was not so good online. Your review sounds great! blessings, Rose


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