Tuesday, February 1, 2011

24 Hrs of Madness...

Today's been "one of those days" where virtually everything that can go wrong--does. In fact, this was the second day in a row where my morning started out great, then my afternoon/evening decided I'd had enough good cheer and happiness for one day, and let me have it with both barrels. {Humph}

Since 3:30pm yesterday, I've had the following things happen to me--all while trying to get Abby to/from ballet rehearsals...

  • We forgot something crucial and had to turn around.
  • Our connecting buses were late---or just never showed up--which caused us to literally run to make it on time, which we did. Just barely. {Thank you, Lord!!!}  
  • All that running made me suck in a massive amount of icy cold air which then caused me to cough...and cough...and cough for a solid 20 minutes. {I'm sure the other parents thought I had the plague and were silently cursing me for being out in public in my condition.}
  • A woman standing next to me dropped her chocolate shake and it splashed all over the bottom of my pant legs. {Honestly, I wasn't mad about this. Surprised, yes. Cold, definitely. But not mad. Now the woman in front of me with the now sticky, dripping wet leather boots?--she was mad, as evidenced by the string of explatives that flowed from her mouth. Yikes!}
  • A bus driver gave Abby a hard time because she "Wasn't in school right now".
  • Went to get cash out for the Monorail; ATM said "No-can-do". Why? Because a certain spouse failed to deposit a check like I'd asked him to. {Insert arched eyebrow here}
  • Same spouse later texts me to say he's in horrendous pain and can't pick up Sierra and Ethan from taekwondo. {Can't be mad at that, either. Not his fault. But it does mean I now have to go home, drop Abby off, then head back out. Twice.}
  • After I'd tapped Abby's bus pass against the electronic reader {I forgot to hand it to her first}, a different bus driver said, "Aren't you responsible enough to handle using your own bus pass, young lady? You should work on that for next time. Your mom shouldn't be doing that for you at your age."
Rule #1: If you're going to criticize my child, you'd best better be family.
  • Last but not least, a male passenger commented that I happened to "Look tired". {Oh yeah ?Well, you're not exactly looking all studly yourself, buddy.}

But in spite of all this madness, I just have to laugh. If I didn't, I'd probably go bonkers. :)

And even though a good giggle is supremely satisfying, I'm definitely praying like crazy that tomorrow goes according to plan!

Because I'm not so sure I'll still be laughing if this continues...


Kelly said...

WOW that was a hard day. Praying for you to have a better rest of the week.

Maureensk said...

I can't believe your bus drivers! Are you sure you didn't have a sign on you that read, "Please, give me unsolicited parenting advice, I haven't had a good laugh in days"? :-)


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