Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cinderella Ballet in the News

  • Here’s a fun review that mentions the children’s dancing {in particular, the uber-fabulous pumpkin/clock children!} in paragraph #4.
  • This article features a few local children in their respective roles. If you scroll down to photo #2, you’ll see a familiar face smiling back at you. :)
  • Check out the gorgeous photos featured in this post. {None are of Abby, but they’re still well-worth viewing! PS: She/we were there for that rehearsal.}
  • More photos! Again, none quite of Abby. However, in the “down pumpkin” photo (#9 *wink*) you can see her arm on the right side. :)
  • Last but not least, a review written by yours truly. {I did my very best NOT to display my bias toward the kids. Really, I did!}

1 comment:

purple squirrel said...

Thanks for sharing~ I checked out all the links, and loved all the photos! :) What a special (if hectic and slightly stressful) time!


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