Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fit Mommy Friday

*The purpose behind Fit Mommy Friday is to encourage mothers in their quest toward healthy living. Whether your goal is to lose weight or simply eat healthier, Fit Mommy Friday is about sharing our weekly successes, struggles, and goals for improvement.*

Happy {late Thursday night} Friday, everyone! How’s your week been? As you can see, I’ve finally got my act together and I’m getting this post up before I go to bed so it’s up ‘n ready for YOU on Friday morning. {Aren’t I nice??}

Before I share about my week, I wanted to thank you all for your comments and prize suggestions for the next Challenge. {I will definitely try to find some sort of “healthy” chocolate this time! Winking smile } I’m slowly getting companies on board and will announce the Spring Challenge as soon as everything’s finalized.

Soooo!!! My week’s been pretty darn good, if I do say so myself. Winking smile I received my new Tracie Long Fitness workout video {Leaning Out} in the mail shortly after last week’s post, which—I’ve gotta tell ya—is nothing short of phenomenal! Seriously that workout is *amazing*! It’s filled with your standard “Firm” moves with weights and cardio intervals—but with heavy emphasis on the core and even more challenging hip, thigh and tush exercises like dead-lifts and this incredible 4-part lunge sequence that leaves your thighs *begging for mercy*. {LOL} It’s like The Firm, only multiplied by like a hundred!

Anyway, I was feeling sore shortly after I did it the first time through (Monday), so I knew it was hitting all the right spots. Smile I completed it again Tuesday and Wednesday, took Thursday off, and will do it again tomorrow morning (Friday) because I miss it already!

Oh so back to that 4-part lunge sequence…here it is, in case you’re interested!

Standing on your left leg—medium to heavy weights {5-10 lbs} on shoulders—lunge forward with your right leg. Bring the leg back, then do a side lunge (again with the right leg).

Bring your foot back to center. Switch feet.

Now lunge backwards with your left leg, so your weight is now completely over your right leg. Bring your foot back. Now do a one-legged squat with your weight still over your right leg while pressing through the ball of your left foot. Perform this series 5 times through on the right leg.

Then do 5 reps of 3-count elevator squats {slowly descend for 3 counts, then slowly rise up for 3 counts} before starting all over again on the left leg. Then repeat!! {Note: If you watch the squat tutorial video, the version performed in the video can be seen at approx. 1 minute, 48 seconds}

Talk about your thigh busters, huh? Winking smile

Okay, back to my check in. I’ve been eating lots of veggie sandwiches this week, continuing to drink copious amounts of water, dining on no junky food, popping my vitamins, and feeling fabulous! Woohoo! {Snoopy dance…}

I now turn the floor over to you, my fellow amazing Fit Mommies! How was your week?


Annie Kate said...

I ache just reading your post!

But someday I'll be doing serious exercises as well. In the meantime, I'm feeling fitter and fitter doing my own wimpy exercises. LOL

Annie Kate

Linda Foley said...

My week was ok, I am down a pound! However, on the exercise portion, not so good. That will improve, but right now it's pretty slow.

Linda Foley said...

Oh and for some reason the Mr. Linky took you to the wrong post! My post was made here: although I did put it in the url space.

i cant decide said...

Great week. That sounds like a killer workout.

Debbie Phillips said...

Ummmm, No. I am not ready for 4 part killer lunges. I can't even do one part lunges. Sounds like you had a great, successful week. I did too. Thanks for continuing to do the Fit Mommy Friday. It is a great encouragement to know I have to check in every Friday and to share this journey with others who are trying to get/stay fit and eat better.

Mrs. White said...

I didn't write a post this Friday. Just couldn't get to the computer long enough to write much. But I'll do a "double edition" next week!

Mrs. White


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