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Interview with Abbey Fatica-Living My MoMent CEO

As I’ve mentioned previously, I was hired back in December as one of Living My MoMent’s new Brand Development Executives. {I’m still basking in the glow over this! Smile } Living My MoMent is comprised of dedicated individuals who are passionate about promoting small, Mom and Dad owned businesses. Regardless of how much money you have to invest {even if it’s absolutely nothing!}, Living My MoMent is there to help “The Little Guy” succeed on a grand scale.

In honor of this awesome opportunity, I asked my new friend and “boss lady”, Abbey Fatica if she’d answer a few questions for my readers…

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m honored to present the lovely and talented Mrs. Abbey Fatica! {Insert applause here}

newdo (1)What was the inspiration behind Living My MoMent?
In early 2009, I was watching a segment on Oprah about Mom Bloggers and how they were making money by writing on the internet. At that moment, I had my AHA! Moment and thought, “Heck, I could do that.” After spending months on how to come up with a way to supplement our income, since I was a stay at home mom, this was going to be the way to do it.
Since I couldn’t come up with a product of my own to sell and didn’t think direct sales was the path for me, I wanted to create a space where moms who did these types of jobs could advertise. At this time, our economy was at the bottom of the recession and I knew that small businesses were going to be hit hard and I wanted to help them out. Living My MoMent was created for mom-owned small businesses to list their business for free in order to get more exposure for their growing businesses.
Were your husband and family members supportive? 
My husband was supportive from the beginning because when Living My MoMent was first started, I had no clear picture of the long term goals for the website. I had never built or ran a website before, so we were definitely just winging it. My husband did a lot of the technical stuff for the site and I did the writing. We hired a friend of my mom’s to do the logo and launched the site in April 2009.
My Mom and Step-Dad have also been very supportive. They think that Living My MoMent has a great mission and have a been tremendous  help by emotionally and financially backing the company. Without their help, I couldn’t have expanded Living My MoMent to the business that it is today!
Did you have any previous marketing/advertising experience under your belt, or was it something you learned along the way?
In college, I took one, maybe two marketing classes cause I was sure that was what I was going to do when I grew up. Well, turns out that at that time in my life, I was not suited for the business world. So I turned to psychology and even later to school counseling.
As for actual advertising/marketing training, I really had to learn it all along the way and will continue to learn more as the business grows. The great thing about advertising and marketing is that there is always something new coming out and everyone has the same new learning curve.
As a wife/mom, what have been of the more "unexpected" or "difficult" obstacles you've encountered while working from home?
Balancing time! When Living My MoMent was a baby, my daughter was also a baby and a great napper. I got to work for 3 hours uninterrupted in the afternoon and from 7:30 till I went to bed every night (except weekends). Then, 7 months later, Jake was born and my whole schedule turned upside down for several months. I worked when I could. When he was napping, when Luci was napping and when they slept at night. When Jake got older, he and Luci started taking naps at the same time during the day, so my original schedule that I kept when it was just Luci came back into play. One day, late December 2010, Luci decided that she was done napping, which threw another curveball into the mix. Now I had to figure out what to do with Luci while Jake was napping and I needed to work. Luckily for me ,she likes play doh, markers and will sit and watch a movie for 1.5-2 hours in the afternoon so that I can work. And when my husband works nights, I have that time to work as well. I find myself answering quick emails throughout the day, but whenever I have a big project I tend to work on it at night when it’s quiet so that I can really be alone with my thoughts.
And on the flipside of that, what have been the biggest blessings?
I love being able to hop up on a whim and be with my kids at a moment’s notice. If they need me to play with them then I will take a break from what I’m doing so that I can give them the mommy time that they need. I love that I don’t have to commute to work, unless you call commuting walking down the stairs from my bedroom. I love that I can wear comfortable clothes and no shoes. I love that my lunch break is spent with the 2 people that I would most want to spend my breaks with everyday!
How do you manage to juggle everything and keep it all in balance?
I take everything day by day. I’m a list maker. I like to cross things off my list and complete tasks that I know need to be done. So if I have a deadline, then I make sure that I have no distractions (i.e. tv, kids, husband, twitter, facebook) and can usually crank things out quickly. I have learned that when I’m not distracted, I can actually work quickly and efficiently. Which is great for me cause when I get that sort of time, I need to cherish it, cause in ten minutes, I will probably be interrupted by a small child needing my assistance.
Where do you envision LMM in the next 5 years?
I would love for LMM to be the go-to advertising agency for busy mom owned businesses. I know that when people hear “advertising agency” they think big bucks, but I would like to stress that LMM caters to businesses of all sizes. If you’re running a business and want to see it grow, then LMM will be able to take you to that next step. I want to be turning small cash strapped companies into big household names worldwide whilst thinking about what is best for our client. 
What advice would you like to share with other WAHMs?
If you have an idea that you want the world to know about then shoot for the stars. Don’t stop because you are afraid to fail. If you are 110% invested in your company then others will want to invest in you as well. Don’t apologize for your mistakes, learn from them and use them to grow in business and in life.

Isn’t she great, folks? Let’s give her another hand!! Open-mouthed smile Thank you so much, Abbey for everything you do – not only for me, but for small business owners around the country!

To learn more about Living My MoMent’s services and the rest of the gang, please visit Living My

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