Thursday, March 31, 2011

If The Shoe Fits…It’s Not for Me

Yesterday, in honor of my birthday, my mom took me out shopping for a new pair of shoes. {I was desperate to find a new pair of sneakers ever since mine developed a really annoying SQUEAK. *Shudder* Disappointed smile}

We hit JC Penney’s first, and that’s where I spied these cute Sketchers:


I snatched up the display shoe and inquired of the (bored looking) sales girl: “Excuse me? Do you have these in a 6.5?” Eyeing them for a moment, she replied, “Umm…lemmecheck.” After several moments she returned. Empty handed. Well, less the display shoe. “I’ve got them in a 7. Do you want to try them?”

{Sigh} “Oh, no thank you. Size 7 is just too big. Thanks anyway.” {Exit bored sales girl.}

My mom suggested I look at the high heels instead. “You don’t *have* to get a pair of sneakers. You might see a pair of dress shoes you like instead.” I smiled and shrugged. “Okay, I’ll look…”

And that, my dear friends is when I saw THEM. I suddenly became transfixed by this dazzling display of gold, sparkly delight:


Snatching the display shoe, I whirled around and high-tailed it back over to the bored salesgirl. “Do you have these in a 6.5 by chance?” I’m sure I must’ve looked like an expectant puppy, eagerly waiting for treat. {Woof!} Taking the golden prize from me she muttered, “Umm…lemmecheck”, and disappeared into the back room. A few minutes later she re-emerged, holding the solitary shoe. “I’m sorry, we only have these left in an 8.”

{Lower lip starting to tremble} “Okay, then. Thanks anyway,” I replied feeling completely defeated. And that’s when I spied these adorable sandals!


Before I can even turn around and ask, the salesgirl pipes, “Those only come in whole sizes and we only have 7’s or above left.”

Waaahhh!! Crying face

Slowly regaining my sense of composure, I suddenly spotted this pair of hot pink shimmering bliss:


Now I have to be honest. My first thought upon seeing this shoe was not for me—it was for Abby. Who I knew perfectly well would absolutely LOVE these shoes. In fact, she’s been *begging me* to wear high heels for months. {I told her she had to wait ‘til she was at least 13. Ahem.}

Sierra quickly took a picture of the shoes with her phone and texted Dean with it. “Would Abby like these shoes?” SEND.

Reply: “Yes. Yes she would.”

My mom…the sweet, push-over Grammy that she is says, “Well we should get them then.” Of course we should, Grammy. Why not?! I don't know smile

Then my mom asks, “Would you wear these, too?” {Hmm. Let me think. Would I wear these too…? Umm. Is the sky blue? Hello! Of course I’d wear them! Even if I don’t technically have anything that would go with them…YES, I’d still wear them. Gimme!}

And that’s when I noticed the size printed on the inside….{Insert angel chorus here}

Six and a half!!!!!! Angel

With a triumphant spring in my step, I approached the bored salesgirl one last time. She gave me an almost pitying smile as I approached. “Find something else?” she asked. Squaring my shoulders I replied, “Yes, I did. I’d like the mate to this shoe, please. It’s a 6.5!”

{We proceeded to 2 or 3 other stores in search of a pair of sneakers for me but…no such luck. Not ONE STORE had my size! Ugh!}

Now, remember how Sierra texted Dean and asked if Abby would like those shoes? Well, let’s just say she claimed those babies the second we entered the house! “Thank you, Grandma!!” she squealed.

“Hey, you’re going to have to share those with me, okay Pookie?”

And that, my friends, is when I got the Pookie Glare Steaming mad….Yikes.

Oh well. So much for getting a new pair of shoes! Sad smile


Lorus! said...

Maggie (my 12 yo) went shoe shopping with me recently and found a pair she liked. She and I can wear the same size now too. But it's 8.5 - I keep telling her she better grow into those feet! (That doesn't sound very nice - but she is alreaady over 5 ft and I'm 5'8" so she'll be ok with the big feet I think!) I do love being able to share shoes though!

Maureensk said...

Hey, you're lucky, you can shop in the kids' shoe department! The same shoe in a kids size is like 1/2 the cost of the adult version. I wear an 8 1/2 and kids shoes usually stop at 6, which is an 7 1/2-8 in women's, so my feet are just a bit too big. Of course, I could be wrong, but I am thinking that they don't carry gold or sparkly pink pumps in the kids' shoe department. Seriously, when can you wear pumps like those as a homeschool mom? If I wore them, they'd end up covered in who knows what or I'd throw them out the window after wearing them all day at a field trip. Then again, I don't work outside the home, so I never get to dress up.

Unknown said...

Maureen - I wear heels to church every week and to the ballet (which I generally attend 1x/month). Also when the kids go to Grandma's every other Saturday, hubby and I like to just go out together and do something. Even if it's grocery shopping! LOL And I love, love, love wearing an awesome looking pair of heels no matter where I go or what I'm wearing, even if it's just jeans and a nicer top. ;-)

Unknown said...

Lorus-My oldest quickly passed me up in the shoe dept. She wears a 9 and is 15 yrs old. But she's never been one to attempt high heels; not her style. ;-) My youngest though...oh boy! I've created a monster! LOL


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