Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Little “Friendly” Competition

Okay, so Dean doesn’t realize it yet, but we’re in competition for the most “likers” on FB. {Yeah, I know. Sooo immature. Winking smile}

Anyhooooo!!! Do me a favor and “like” the Got Chai? page.

Now, lest you all think I’m a total shrew, I shall also post the link to my hubby’s photography page here. Because I’m that stinkin’ nice…

Once ONE of us reaches 100 fans, we’ll host a giveaway. Not that we know what that prize will be yet, but we’re huge fans of shameless self promotion and love the idea of getting “sumthin’ for nuthin’”. Smile with tongue out 

So “like” both pages and let the games begin!!

PS: If you really can’t decide between the two, I suggest going with mine. You know, because I’m cuter. And more apt to cry if I lose…Crying face


Rachel said...

I liked your page. I'll like Dean's after you win. :-)

Unknown said...

Hee hee hee! Thanks, Rachel!!! ;)


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