Monday, March 28, 2011

{My First} Miscellany Monday


This meme seems like the perfect solution for yours truly. {You know, the woman who can’t seem to remember to update her blog to save her life, and whenever she *does* get the urge to do so, she feels like she has nothing important to say?} Well! With this being “Miscellany Monday”, I can write about whatever random thing I want with total, carefree abandon! Smile Woohoo!

1. Sierra is currently helping Abby stretch in the living room. This has become a daily occurrence ever since Abby’s ballet parent/teacher conference a few weeks back. One of—if not *the*—main thing she has to work on is her flexibility. {No shock there! The poor kid inherited my tighter-than-steel, if-you-want-to-do-the-splits-you’re-gonna-have-to-earn-it hamstrings. Eye rolling smile}

2. I brought home about a dozen day-old donuts from work on Saturday night. Ethan’s response upon gazing at the forest of wrapped, glazed-with-sprinkles delights the following morning? “Mom, you have the *best job ever*!” {Ick}

3. Still no full time job for Dean. {Sigh} However, we are now in the process of securing all the necessary licenses for him to go into the computer repair business for himself. {Prayers for our success in this venture are sincerely appreciated.}

4. I’m now learning how to cut, ruffle and sew tutus at work {Class Act Tutu}. This may seem really cool, especially if you’re one of those crafty/sewing types. But for someone like me—who struggles with sewing patches on her kids’ taekwondo uniforms—it’s an exercise in frustration. However, I’m bound ‘n determined to win the battle that’s raging between me and that dreaded ruffling machine! {! No matter how many layers of tulle it munches up on me, I will have victory!}

5. So far, I’ve accomplished 7 tasks on my To Do List. Only 15 more tasks to go, and I can call it a day. Smile 

6. My girls are addicted to reality shows on TLC, such as “Say Yes to the Dress”, “What Not to Wear”, “Cupcake Wars”, “Cake Boss”, “Too Fat for 15”, “Hoarders”, “Super Nanny” and their personal favorite, “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant”. {Should I be worried?}

7. Construction begins tonight on the Mercer Street Mess. This will make getting home from ballet a serious challenge due to the fact that—PNB is located right on 3rd and Mercer Street. {Ducky…}

If you’d like to participate in Miscellany Monday, you can do so here.

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Heidi said...

I LOVE miscellany monday! It's so the story of my life on Mondays!


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