Sunday, May 22, 2011

Happy Sunday, Ya’ll!

Oh, how I’ve missed you, my sweet readers/friends! Smile  I just wanted to pop in to let you all know that I’m still very much alive, despite what the mirror’s been telling me lately. {Ahem}

Things are getting a bit easier for me at the Seattle job. I’ve had my first mock-review which went better than I thought. Now to dazzle everyone during my first “real” performance review later this week! {Or maybe it’s next week. I can’t remember…}

Life at the Hospital job is going okay, although I’ve recently had to change my availability due to the Seattle Job’s hours. This was kind of a bummer but…c’est la vie. What can you do?

Oh, I have to tell you…last week was just crazy! Tuesday through Friday, I went straight to the Hospital job following my shift at the Seattle job. (Which made for 13-14 hr. days) Then worked the Hospital job from 6:30am – 3pm on Saturday, then 3-8 on Sunday. Whew!

Let me tell you, I was exhausted by Sunday night! However, all those extra hours really helped us out, which I’d gladly do every single day if the Hospital Job would allow it. {And yes, I’ve asked.}

The real trick now is keeping up with everything for my Virtual Assistant job, Living Your Moment (formerly Living MY Moment), and Class Act Tutu & Dancewear (which is by far, the most neglected of the three. Sigh).

On a completely different note, here’s a little something I learned last week:

Never shop for clothes when you’re bloated. The pants you buy will only fit 2-3 days out of every month! I could’ve sworn the nice black slacks I bought for work fit me so well. Then as I was getting dressed the next day, the suckers felt HUGE. I asked Dean, “Do these LOOK all that huge to you?” He replied they didn’t look horribly too big, but yes they were clearly one size too big.


And of course I had thrown away the receipt.

Double drat!

In other more entertaining news – the kids are excited for the school year to be done. Or at least they were, until I informed them they’d be working through the summer. Sierra’s got the green-light to access her online school program through August 1st in order to complete the entire school year in one semester. {So far, so good! If it’s one thing Sierra’s got in spades is drive and ambition. If she wants something, she gets it. No question!} Ethan and Abby on the other hand, are not happy with me. But it’s either have them work through the summer or start the new school year in December. Which they still may have to do, given their current production speed (read: highly unmotivated).

Back to Sierra; she’s going for her black belt in tae kwon do in a few weeks! Woohoo! And because the black belt test is a whopping “are you freaking kidding me?” $500 (yeah, I choked on that too), we’re holding a yard sale both this weekend and hopefully next to raise funds. We’ve got about $350 left to go. {I’m going to be putting some curriculum out today. Hopefully that’ll help boost our earnings a bit.}

Abby’s ballet recital is coming up on June 18th! She’s very excited, as you can imagine. Her level is performing 4 different pieces, of which I know nothing about. But I’m sure they’re all lovely! Smile All Abby knows is that her costume will be purple and she’s not wearing stage make-up this time. (Shrugs) That’s my girl! All about the details…!

Speaking of Abby, I don’t know what happened but that girl took on another growth spurt recently. She’s now up to my eyeballs and a-l-l legs! YIKES!

Ethan’s – well – Ethan. Winking smile Still loves playing his video games and hates being dragged away from the computer to go to tae kwon do. Although his teacher is very impressed with his progress, he admits that Ethan, “isn’t as driven and highly motivated as Sierra”. {Thanks for the newsflash.} However, he’s making some really great progress with his school work. The boy’s got brains, whether he wants to admit it or not. He’s written some really fun (very) short stories lately (short as in 2 paragraphs), and is quite quick-on-the-draw when it comes to math.

Dean’s working toward getting his computer repair business up ‘n running. If any locals need some computer help, give him a call! Smile 

Time for me to sign off. I have to take Sierra up to her black belt preparation class in a few minutes. Happy Sunday, ya’ll!


Cindy @ Fenced in Family said...

Hi, Denise! I thought I was busy, but you take the cake by far! I'm glad things are looking up even if it does mean you're running like crazy. Don't get too worn out, okay? I love you!

Mrs. White said...

I loved reading this update!!

Mrs. White


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