Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hello, World!

Has it seriously been two months since I’ve posted to my own blog?! {Ack!!} It’s amazing how much can be happening all around you with no time to actually share it with your friends.

Well, here I am once again with a ton of updates for anyone who may happen to see this. Winking smile 

First and foremost, I’m no longer working full time outside the house. {Insert Snoopy dance here} I quit working for the downtown Seattle job, and I’m now only working for:

  • the hospital cafeteria (30 +/- hrs per week for awhile but it will be 16-25/hrs here soon)
  • Living Your Moment
  • Class Act Tutu & Dancewear
  • Happy Money (You can read my official introductory post about my position here.)
  • I’ve also picked up some additional freelance blogging work as well.

In other astounding news – Dean got a job! {Insert showers of confetti here}

He hasn’t received his official start date yet, but we’re tentatively expecting it to be sometime during the first week of August. {Hooray!!!}

This is a HUGE answer to prayer, as you all know. In fact, if it hadn’t been for everyone’s prayers during these crazy 4 1/2 months, I don’t know how I would’ve survived. There were so many times I thought I’d literally lose my freaking mind working anywhere from 90 – 100+ hrs each week.

*Let me just state for the record that I don’t mind working. It was working 7 days a week that bothered me! Disappointed smile *

However, these past few months have taught me a few things:

  1. With God’s help, I *can* support my family. Back when it was just Sierra and I (14-15 yrs ago), supporting the two of us was one thing. {There were far less bills to pay living in our tiny one bedroom apartment! Winking smile } But supporting a family five? Let’s just say I have a whole new respect for my husband and every other one-income family out there.
  2. God really is in the big things, as well as the small things. Even the puniest prayers (“Lord please give me energy…”) would always yield positive results. My commute to work each morning (at 5:15am) was spent listening to all sorts of sermons via my iPod and just praying, relaxing and basking in His presence. Stepping off the bus and seeing homeless men and women sleeping on the sidewalks hurt my heart something awful. I was glad for the few times I was able to interact with some of them, even if those moments were brief.

Again, if it wasn’t for the prayers going out for me and my family, we wouldn’t have made it. So thank you!!!!! (((HUGS)))

Moving on to the kids….

Sierra recently visited the Klaus side of the family for 2 weeks out in the blazing hot CA desert. {A separate post along with photos is coming soon. Winking smile } She’ll be heading out here soon to visit the Oppers on the other side of CA, again for 2 weeks.

And (are you ready for this?) she took her black belt test and PASSED!! {Woot woot!} Photos of this shining moment will posted as soon as she receives her new belt (which should be this Friday).

Abby’s been busy with her summer dance intensive at Pacific Northwest Ballet’s Eastside school. We’re a part of a 4 (or is it 5?) family carpool which makes the crazy trek so much easier! She’s taking 9 classes per week in ballet, pre-pointe, modern, character and jazz, and she’s lovin’ every minute of it!

Ethan has been spending far too much time playing video games this summer. {Ahem} But he’s also been able to spend some great “quality” time with Dean since he’s been off work. Can’t replace those moments, right? Winking smile He’ll also be going to CA to visit the Oppers but his trip isn’t until September.

That’s it for this entry. Thanks again for all of your prayers and support!! ((Hugs))

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Dawn said...

Doing the happy dance here as well. Blessings to you my friend and praise the Lord for His provisions!


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