Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Truth is Better Than Fiction

For years, as far back as 5th grade, I always said that when I grew up I wanted to be a writer (and a ballerina but obviously that fizzled). Now here I am 20+ years later (*gag*), and though I’m not a New York Times bestselling author, I do get paid to write for others, which I guess makes me a professional writer.

Not bad for a high school drop-out, eh?

Crap…my kids might read this!

Dearest children o’ mine - DISREGARD that last statement, okay? I was an exemplary student who graduated with top honors!

{There, that should do the trick…}

I’ve had several friends suggest I write a book one day, which I’ve tried to do on a few occasions. However I’ve quickly discovered that inspiration – for me at least – comes in fits and starts. I get to a point where I’m really cookin’ along and suddenly – WHAMO! I develop writer’s block, lose momentum and subsequently, the dream of being the next Top Model – err, writer! – falls by the wayside. {Insert heavy sigh of defeat here}

Dean has also suggested I write a book, only he thinks I should pen his life story because it’s just so darn interesting. Sarcastic smile *Ahem*

Personally, I think a *combined tale* of our lives would be far more entertaining and perhaps – easier to write.

I can just picture the book jacket description now…

A carefree Jewish/American atheist kid from Malibu, California born with a silver spoon in his mouth becomes a drug addicted hippie Dead Head.

A lower middle class Christian ballerina girl from Washington state becomes a rebellious teenager who leaves home at 18 and becomes a single mother at age 19…

His father buys him a one-way plane ticket to a family friend’s home in Washington state in an effort to sober him up and save his life. His father’s efforts pay off.

She struggles to afford things like groceries, diapers and daycare. As she slowly returns to her faith, she begins to pray for a husband and father to come into their lives…

The two end up working together at the same computer store. Both are dating their former “ex’s”. One day, his ex breaks up with him and she later breaks up with hers. One week later, he asks her out. She says “yes”…

Sounds like a bestseller to me! Winking smile

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Tina said...

Love it! Get to writin' lady!! :)


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