Friday, August 19, 2011

Don’t Be Lazy…Just Do It!

One of the perks about being back at home (less 1-2 days/week) is the fact that I can now get back to my regular workout routines. Woohoo!

Before Dean lost his job, I’d purchased 3 new dvd’s from Tracie Long Fitness – only one of which ever made it out of the shrink wrap. The other two remained untouched until last week. (And my oh my, what a blessed reunion that was for me…. *Selah*)

But all too quickly, life had a way of catching up to me. I found myself swamped with work (Note: The “from home” variety of work is still work and it takes a boatload of time to accomplish; don’t ever think otherwise) and I missed a few workouts.

And that really bugged me. That is until I started rationalizing my laziness away with lame thoughts like:

“I haven’t lost that much muscle tone over the last few months.”

“I still look okay for having had 3 kids…”

“Dean hasn’t complained about my thighs – yet.”

And my personal favorite: “I’ll think about that…tomorrow.” (a’la Scarlet O’Hara)

But then… light bulb!

I didn’t want to get sucked back into that, “I don’t have time to exercise!” trap. (And you know as well as I do, it’s a trap!) Because whether we/I want to admit it or not, we/I can always make time to do whatever it is we/I want to do…

  • I always find the time to feed my face.
  • I always find the time to dink around on Facebook.
  • I always have time to email my friends
  • I always have time to do the laundry
  • I always find the time to complain about how I don’t have the time...

Point being – ? I had no excuse. So with that, I got off my fanny and did what I knew I had to do.

And I’ve felt pretty stinkin’ awesome ever since!

How do you keep yourself motivated? Or have you fallen into the “trap”?


Michelle Smith said...

Ouch! Now my toes hurt! ;)

Seriously, my problem right now is that *I* want to exercise in the mornings before I start school. Only my husband has been taking my son five mornings a week to work out for his Boy Scout Personal Fitness merit badge. It is a 6 week program, and they're nearly done. I *could* go to bed really early, get up before sun-up and exercise before the boys. But if I wait until dawn, my 3 year old is invariably up - and must be watched. No exercise for me in the morning. That really only leaves 4 PM and evenings for exercise, then.

So, I need to figure out a new plan. Thanks for the swift kick in my rear. ;) But, I am glad you are figuring out a new plan for yourself! :)

Unknown said...

Hee hee! You're welcome, dahling! ;)

But believe me - I understand. I find myself sneaking in short workouts here 'n there.

For example, today the kids were all occupied (one was reading, one was getting his "game time" on, the other had left for a friend's house), so I'm just sitting there - duh! I could be working out right now! :) So I popped on a 20 min video.

Then later, Dean & Boy Wonder left for a garage sale. Oldest Diva was now at taekwondo. Soooo I dragged my tall step out and did 3 sets of leg presses. :)

Baby steps!


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