Friday, October 28, 2011

Little Soldier Girl

As a very sweet young lady pointed out to me earlier today (*cough* Atira), I haven't posted to my blog in ages.

I shall now remedy this situation by posting a little update along with a fun video clip.

In case I've failed to mention it (and the fact that I've been neglecting my blog should supply enough evidence to the fact), my youngest daughter, Abby will be performing in this year's Nutcracker with PNB. (Woot woot!)

She's been handed the role of "infantry soldier" and will be dressed in a lovely tan uniform, complete with rosy red "circles" on her cheeks. :) (She's soooo excited!)

The scene itself is quite chaotic with oodles of soldiers and mice, but thankfully we've discovered a few visual aids to help us pinpoint her exact location:
  • She's the 3rd soldier "out of the box",
  • She's one of the first two soldiers captured in battle and carried off stage by a fearsome "fighting mouse".
  • Total stage time - approximately 1 min, 30 seconds. (Hee hee)

We've been busy trekking back 'n forth to Seattle for both rehearsals and classes, which she of course, absolutely LOVES to no end. (Seriously, no one can ever accuse me of pushing my own love of dance onto my child and forcing her to do what she doesn't want to do. The girl loves it so much that she insists on getting there at least 1 hr. early so she has time to just "enjoy being there". Crazy, right?)

Anyhoo...! We're all gearing up for what promises to be an extremely busy 6 weeks. Performances begin on Black Friday ( and run through December 27th. She's scheduled for 20 shows and hopefully that will be it. (Unless her cast alternate gets sick...ahem.)

Also due to the insanity that is Nutcracker, we'll be holding both Ethan's 13th and Sierra's Sweet 16th birthday parties in November. (Sierra's birthday technically isn't until December 7th but we literally will not have a single free weekend until New Year's if we wait. Yikes!)

 Now as promised...a video clip! This is the "fight scene" from PNB's Nutcracker. This scene is from their Nutcracker: The Movie which PNB released around 1986. Obviously the scene will look slightly different from the stage but it does give you a pretty good idea of what to expect.

(Can you spot Soldier #3?? Me either...)

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