Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Have Nothin' To Say Today

Have you ever had a moment where you wanted to write a blog post because you think you have a ton of things to catch everyone up on (like they're all just waiting with bated breath for that next bit of prose to flow from your fingertips, right?), only to realize that you have absolutely NOTHING to say?

You see, I was going to tell you how I had yet to order my turkey dinner from the grocery store. I know, I know, it's not very "traditional" but believe me - it's sooo much easier! Mostly because I can't stand the idea of gutting and cleaning a gigantic dead turkey with my bare hands. (*Shudder*) I've done it - once. And it wasn't fun. Or pretty. Let's just say, I totally owe my mom BIG TIME. That with our constant back/forth for Nutcracker...? Umm, yeah.

Speaking of those 20 Nutcracker performances that are fast approaching: Opening Night is the day after Thanksgiving - you know, when everyone and their brother is out shopping on Black Friday. (Awesome...) But all sarcasm aside, I'm really looking forward to it. This is such a huge honor for Abby and I know she's going to LOVE every stinkin' minute of it. :) Now if I can just remember to pick up a couple of packages of those super long bobby pins and makeup remover wipes, I'll have it made.

Then there's the idea I'm tossing around about actually blogging more often, but that clearly exceeds the scope of my talents. (Hmm. I'm not too thrilled with how that last sentence flows...Oh well.) 
Hey, guess what?! Ethan turned 13 earlier this month! (Insert horror music here) He had a total blast with his "shoot 'em up, bang-bang" video game party with all his trusty cohorts. At one point I thought I could literally smell the testosterone wafting about the house. Turns out it was just teenage boy feet. (And all the mommies of teenage boys say, "Amen!") I still can't quite wrap my head around the fact that he's a teenager already. I miss my chubby baby boy with the head full of luscious curls! (See? Wasn't he adorable?!)

Sierra's Sweet 16 party is this weekend and so far, NOT ONE of her friends has given me a definitive yes/no RSVP. Not one! I mean, hello folks?! Okay, I realize all her guests are young too, but c'mon! A little planning - and common courtesy (it's simple really: Yes you're coming, no you're not) makes this Mama happy. Just sayin'.  (Twitch, twitch) 

I was also going to tell you how Sierra's now taking taekwondo 5 days a week in an effort to show her teacher that she's worthy of testing for her 2nd and 3rd degree black belts before she's 18. From what I've been told, this is a highly unusual thing and reserved only for the rare, highly motivated, talented few. (Have I told you how much my kids freaking ROCK?!) Oh and here's something else. I find it amazing/interesting how both my girls are extremely ambitious whereas my son (see above) is NOT. In fact, if it weren't for video games and food, I think he just might keel over and expire. No joke. Sure hope THAT changes soon!

See there? I have absolutely nothing to write about!  What did I tell ya??

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