Monday, December 19, 2011

Just a Bakin' Fool...

Pretzel Turtle Candies. Photo Credit:
I've been on a baking kick the past few days.{I know - crazy, right?}

So far, I've made 3 batches of these homemade pretzel turtle candies,  a batch of this peanut butter fudge, and about 4 dozen snickerdoodle cookies.

Abby asked why I was in a baking mood (answer: "I don't know."); Sierra said she preferred "a baking kick" versus a "cleaning kick" any day. Ethan was excited when I handed him a cookie to try - then he flipped it over (to check for a burnt bottom) and finding that all was well, heartily ate every last crumb.  

My kids love me sooo much. *Ahem* 

As with most of my "moods" or "kicks", there's no telling how long this one will last. In the meantime, the kids - and Dean - are enjoying every minute of it.

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Mrs. White said...

These look fabulous! Getting on a baking "kick" is a great idea!

Mrs. White


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