Monday, January 9, 2012

A Little Late (but those of you who happen to be my FB pals already know this) but...

Okay, so remember how I said Abby didn't break her foot during December 10th's Nutcracker performance?

Well, I was wrong. Or at least, the doctor was wrong. 

Yep, turns out she has a hairline fracture - something terribly difficult to see immediately following an injury.

Abby had gone back to class after a whopping 5 days off (hail, winter break!) and she apparently had to sit out during pointe work as her foot was hurting. So the next day, I managed to get her in to see one of the area's most sought-after podiatrists (I'm totally not making that up) later that afternoon.

She explained what happens with a contusion (or "bone bruise") - how the blood pools in the bone, making it impossible to see a slight fracture. She then ordered another x-ray of her feeties and - sure enough - there it was. The now visible hairline fracture. Awesome. (NOT)

So what does this mean for my little Pookie?
  • She won't have to wear a boot as she's already 4 weeks into the healing process and her foot's healing remarkably well. {Hooray!!!} 
  • She can't dance full-out (ie: no jumping, nothing "high impact") and no pointe work for 2 weeks. 
  • She had to miss the SAB (School of American Ballet) audition this past Sunday.
  • She can still perform in Don Quixote, provided she continues to heal well.
So there you have it. My youngest has her first broken bone. {Boo!} :-('s not for wimps.

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Mrs. White said...

I love that!! "Ballet is not for whimps." So true!!

Glad she is healing!

Mrs. White


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