Monday, January 2, 2012

Nutcracker's Over, Happy New Year, Blah, Blah...

Abby's first Nutcracker run ended on December 27th at approximately 3pm PST {insert singing angel choir here}. She made it through 19 out of her 20 scheduled performances (see two posts down about injury) and enjoyed every stinkin' minute of it. (Except the whole injury part...)

Just before the final show, she received one of THE most treasured gift personally autographed pointe shoe from her favorite ballerina, Lindsi Dec (soloist with Pacific Northwest Ballet).

She was so excited, she was literally bouncing up 'n down like Tigger when the sweet lady handing the pointe shoes out said, "Abby...Abby Opper?" Abby's eyes lit up like a million-watt bulb. "Abby Opper? That's me! That's me!" (Soo funny :) )

In other news - Happy New Year to one and all! I have a feeling there will be several interesting things happening in my family in 2012. (And no, I'm not speaking of that lame-o "The world's going to end" theory.) I just really have a feeling that there will be a LOT of interesting developments this year. I just hope I'm able to keep up with them all! ;-)

To start 2012 off right, Dean and the kids (read: Sierra & Ethan) cleaned out the garage yesterday. Yippee! I LOVE seeing things all neat, tidy and organized once again. I even did some de-cluttering around the inside of the house myself (closets, magazines, books). Honestly, I get a major kick out grabbing a pile of crap and just tossing it. Ahhhh...! It's such a freeing, refreshing, all around awesome feeling. (Ha ha!) Yes, I'm that psychotic.

Hey, guess what? I'm considering buying a crockpot! 

Yep, you read that right; me and a crockpot. (I'll wait for you to grab the smelling's *that* shocking, I know.)

Funny how things - and people - change as they get older. (Eegads! Did I just put that in print?!) But seriously, it's totally true. I'm on this baking kick as I mentioned in the previous post. I've also taken to trying my hand at actual recipes like, from a book, as opposed to memory (Example: fry up ground turkey, add seasoning, roll into tortillas, add cheese, salsa. Enjoy.). I'm also considering delving into the world of menu planning so as to make my life easier once ballet starts up again tomorrow (and with it, rehearsals for Don Quixote).

If I keep this up, my dear friend Tina just might keel over from a serious heart-attack. Ha ha ha! :) (*Ahem* Let's hope not...) 

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Sock Nerd said...

I don't lead nearly the busy life you lead, and I've had a weekly menu for years. Makes life soooo much easier. Plus, it helps me be more efficient while grocery shopping, both in cost and time. And during winter the crock pot is my best friend. Just imagine a nice, home cooked, hot meal waiting for you at the end of a crazy, long day!


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