Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dude! It's Been HOW Long?!

Talk about your blogging hiatuses! It's been over 7 months since I've penned (okay, typed) anything on this here blog.

*Knock, knock, knock* Is there anybody here?

Abby waiting for her surgery.
Sooooo, are you ready for some (kinda-sorta) exciting updates? Okay, well...Abby had to have her appendix removed about 3 weeks ago. Yeah. Scary stuff, man! Thankfully we caught it early, there was no perforation and no rupture. She was admitted at 8pm, surgery at 2am, home at 11:30am. (Badda bing, badda boom!) Yes, she's still dancing her little heart out - now 5 days a week - and we're in the midst of her 2nd year of Nutcracker. In other news, I'm now doing volunteer work with her ballet school's Parent's Association. {I'm the Communications Coordinator! Sounds fancy, doesn't it? Good thing I don't have to communicate via blog...because we all know how bad THAT would be! *Ahem*}

Sierra's got her first J-O-B. (Insert "Hallelujah" chorus here) She's working P/T as a nanny for one very sweet 16 month old girl, whom Sierra just adores to pieces! On top of that, she's in her senior year of high school (insert shrieks of horror here) and *just recently informed me* (like 2 weeks ago) that she really wants to go to school to be a medical examiner. Yeah. Nothing like "picking your major" at the last freaking minute, right? So now we focus on doing that which is necessary to get into medical school. (If you happen to spy any new gray hairs on my noggin - this is why.) She'll also celebrate her 17th year of life in a few more weeks. (I am so stinkin' old...)

They're pretty cute - even if they don't look like me.
Ethan celebrated the big "14" ten days ago. Wow! And like a typical teenage boy, all he wants to do is eat, sleep and play video games. Bathing and other facets of personal hygiene do not even make the list. In other news, he finally got his Danbo belt (black & white) in taekwondo. He's officially 1 belt away from being a black belt! (Booyah!) Oh yes. And he's recently started taking guitar lessons, too. He's actually quite good at it, which I feel he MUST get from me. (Hey, 7.5 hrs of labor? Yeah, I'll attribute whatever finer qualities that boy has as stemming from my DNA, thank you very much.) 

Now for me...I'm working my tush off (well okay, not quite...but I WISH that was true!) at the hospital. Remember a(long)while ago when I'd mentioned how I was going to start training for a new position delivering trays? Well that's the "Room Service Ambassador" position (read: glorified waitress sans tips) and it is a definite workout! Nothing like pushing a metal cart that's nearly your height around the hospital! Or, if there's only 1 tray ready to go (as opposed to 4 or even 10), I'll skip the elevator and hike that tray up the stairs instead.

Did I mention the kitchen is on the 2nd floor...and I sometimes take the stairs alllllll the way up to the 8th floor? (Buns of steel, here I come!)  I've also recently been trained on the Room Service Call Center, which means I can also TAKE the orders ANNNND deliver 'em. ;) Yep. Pretty sweet.

Even with this wealth of knowledge tucked securely under my apron, I'm still considered 'on-call' so my hours are never ever consistent. But that's okay. It keeps things interesting, if nothing else. And yes, I'm still working from home, too (can't forget about that), so I log anywhere between 50-60 hours in each week. {When Dean made a comment last week about how I "shouldn't be tired" because I didn't work (much), I seriously had to count to 10 to avoid attacking him like a wild animal. Okay, that's a lie. I counted to 3, glared at him, then whacked him solidly across the chest. Humph.}

I'm still working out, only now I've decided to do P90X again. Haven't touched those powerful DVD's in at least 2 years, but man oh man - they are absolutely awesome!  {Bring it!}

That's it for now.

Bad Blogger...OUT!

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Mrs. White said...

I can't believe I missed this update! I loved hearing the latest at your house. Glad you are all doing so well!

love and blessings
Mrs. White


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