Thursday, January 31, 2013

Healthy Reese’s in a Glass? Someone Pinch Me!

shakeology-snapshotOkay, so it's not exactly a Reese's but it sure does taste like one! For my lunch today, I whipped together 1 scoop of Chocolate Vegan Shakeology, 12 oz of vanilla almond milk and 1 tsp. of PB2 powdered peanut butter. (And three crushed up ice cubes.)

And…ohmygosh! It’s delicious! Like seriously delicious. No extra sweetener or anything necessary. (Crazy, huh?)

Do you know what this means???

It means I've officially found a way to kill my chocolate cravings AND not blow my diet, all in a single swoop! YESSSS!!!!

It’s seriously yummy, folks. I’m not even joking. Ask Abby! I gave her some and she freaking LOVED it! (And she’s WORSE than ME when it comes to picky eating!)

The only eensy weensy problem I have now?

I totally chugged it all down and it's now gone! Sad smile 

Why's that problem?

Because it's a MEAL replacement shake, not a “drink”. So now I'm completely FULL. 

Oh well. Guess I’ll have to wait for dinner when I can have another glass! Yippee! Open-mouthed smile

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