Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Little March Madness

No, I’m not talking about basketball. Winking smile I’m taking about this past month – the good, the awesome and the sad.

So remember how I said I was doing P90X? Well check this out! This is yours truly as photographed on March 9th…I’m back in a size 2, bayyybeeee! {Aww yeah!}


Not only that, but I currently have 6 ladies in my first ever Challenge Group and, at a week and a half in, they’re already seeing results! Woot, woot! I’m so proud and excited for them! Smile We’re working out, making healthier food choices, and holding each other accountable every stinkin’ day for 90 days!

Each Challenger is a mom - some of us homeschool, others don’t; some are still chasing toddlers, while others are planning “dates” with their grandbabies; and some of us go to work every day, while others stay home. But despite our differences, one thing is clear: No matter HOW busy we are, we still MAKE time to get our health in order!

{True story: One of my challengers is a homeschooling mom of 10 and a grandmother of 1! If SHE can find time to workout, ANYONE can!}

Moving along…!

On the 19th, we celebrated Abby’s ascent into the TEEN years! Yep, that’s right. My 3rd and final “baby” is now a teenager. {Boo hoo! Crying face }

Like the nice (old) Mommy that I am, I decided to take her out shopping and let her pick out a new outfit – complete with new shoes! (Which was exactly what she said she wanted…clothes, shoes and cash. Okay, so I didn’t give her cash. Ahem.) We also stopped at the Bare Minerals counter at Nordstrom for her very first professional makeover! Smile 



The funny thing about this is that Sierra has been trying for months to get her sister to jump on the cosmetics bandwagon, only to be rebuffed at every turn.


Because unlike Sierra, Abby is a “less is more” kind of girl. So instead of blending 6 eyeshadows on her lids at once (I’m NOT exaggerating!), Abby prefers to look like she’s not wearing any makeup at all. {Funny how sibling preferences can vary so dramatically, huh?}

Then, we had Sierra’s friend, Emily bake Abby’s custom birthday cake featuring a Momma Hedgehog, Baby Hedgehog and “Mini” Cake!


To say this cake was a HUGE hit would be a SEVERE understatement! {Isn’t it awesome?!}



And in closing…just this past weekend, our family had to say goodbye to my parent’s beloved pooch, “Baby”. Sad smile Unbeknownst to us all, Baby had developed cancer. By the time she began displaying some very scary and painful symptoms, it was too late. Her cancer was discovered last Friday - her health declining rapidly - and on Saturday afternoon she was gone.


So if you wouldn’t mind saying a few prayers for comfort and peace for my parents – especially for my stepdad who spent 24/7 with Baby and is having a really, really hard time without her – I’d be ever so grateful.

How has YOUR month been?

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