Friday, June 18, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday

*If you're new to my blog and would like to join the merry band of mommies working hard to get--or stay--fit, please click here for all the details.*, what a week!! For those of you who are not one of my current Facebook friends, let me repeat my current status message: After all that's happened this week, I deserve a serious super-hero cape! I don't know if I'm coming, going, or already been there! LOL Seriously, it's been that kind of week.

We've had recital rehearsals on Monday/Wednesday, and with it, I worked the front desk at Abby's ballet studio. (The current receptionist is also one of the students--so she obviously couldn't both dance and answer phones, sell tickets, etc.) Monday was easy, but Wednesday got a little nuts. ;o] Crazy, ballet Mommas anyway!

Then on top of that--remember how I said we were "done" with the recital music? Ahem. I take it back. Turns out, some things were still in need of tweaking, which is what we did. On Wednesday night. Until 10pm. (Yawn) But now--NOW we're done. Hooray!!! Everything should be absolutely splendid, and Dean will receive all the glory and honor fit for a king when he reads his name in the recital program. (Hee hee)

I promise there's a point to all this rambling, so bear with me for just a moment longer. :-}

Additionally, I started another side job--one that will last through the end of the month. Things were going pretty well, when suddenly my computer decided it hated me in the worst way possible. Everything I had worked on through (again) Wednesday night---GONE! Totally, 100% gone. I cried, people. I couldn't help it. I was so frustrated, I literally felt sick. I had to re-do everything. Not fun, not fun at all.

Soooo! All that whining to say: my workouts totally STINK this week! I haven't lifted a single weight even ONCE! (I know...alert the media, right? LOL) I've been getting my walks in as well as some bike time, which is "okay". But I feel like such a slug because of this. I mean, yes I've been busy--and trust me, there's plenty more to this story that I'll cover in a separate post--but that's just an excuse. What I should've done was manage my time better. I tend to get SO focused on one thing, that I have a hard time switching gears. Does anyone else struggle with one-track-mindedness? Please say yes. :o{

On a happier note, I have been eating pretty well. Lots of veggie sandwiches, juice, water...and chai. {Ahem} At least at the beginning of the week. I'm trying really hard to fight off a cold bug so by Wednesday (there's that dreaded day again! LOL), I kinda stopped eating. I have no appetite or energy to speak of. I'm not "sick-sick" but my body feels like it's fighting hard to avoid succumbing to the virus. {Yuck} Then again, maybe I am sick but I'm too busy to stop and pay attention! {Hee hee}

I'm whining.

In closing: I've decided that this coming week, I'm going to pay close attention to my schedule and really, really work on managing my time better. I want to fit everything in, without feeling like I'm on a time-crunch to do so. Wish me luck! Oh, and with that, I'll also get back to my regularly scheduled workouts. (Oh, Jillian...!)

How did your week pan out? Were you able to meet your goals?


Heather said...

Such a busy week!! I'll be praying that next week totally makes up for the past week for you:)) Sorry I have no fit mommy posts anymore--I am still waiting for more test results. And, I was sad this week, I gave my oldest my eliptical trainer to sell (he's the college guy, usually tight on money) But, as it went out the door, all my hopes for being thin seemed to go with it. ugh. Well, moving on....I am inspired by your stories and especially the other fit mommy, Annie Kate:)

Annie Kate said...

Oh, you sound busy, busy, busy!

The fact that you ate well despite all that is awesome. And you were active as well. Good for you.

I also struggle with over-focus and forgetting other important things. At least we ARE focussing, right? LOL

Have a great week.

Annie Kate

Laura O in AK said...

Well all that busy must be helping you get thin if you were giving away clothes that are too large :o)

Time management is definitely an important aspect of our lives.

Leah said...

That sounds like quite the week, Denise. Aren't you glad when weeks like these are finally over? And then you hope and pray next week will be better?

As for me, I'm finally starting to feel better and have been getting some exercise again. Walking, of course.

Haha, I always find ways to make myself walk - usually carrying a backpack with my writing stuff, a bottle of water and some food.

My biggest achievement must have been the walk to therapy, yesterday. It was hot, and I was late, so I asked the hubby to drop me off in town. He did, but not at the place where I'd usually get off the bus, so I had to walk further than usually, and as I was late, I had to hurry up.

I had only 35 minutes to get there, walked as fast as I could in got there just in time. Phew!

homeschool101 said...

Wow, sounds like you have been busy to. Surely with all that running you could call it a work out per say. Lol, rushing here and there, your getting something in. ;)

Been there myself this week.
I awarded you at my hs blog if you would like to accept them you can view them here. Have a great weekend. :)


Kelly said...

Well, I took the plunge and signed up. I'm so thankful for you posting this on Crew forum. It's just what I needed to keep me continually paying attention to what I do and how I eat since now I'm going to blog about it.

Nanette said...

Hi Denise,
I saw a "Fit Mommy Friday" badge on someone else’s sidebar and decided to check it out. I'm so thankful I did! FMF sounds like a great and is something I'm definitely going to take part in. Lord knows I need to stop whining and start being accountable for my actions. Thank you!!

~ Nanette
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