Friday, February 11, 2011

Fit Mommy Friday

Good morning, ladies!! Sorry I'm so late posting this. I'm running around like a chicken {not with its head cut off, because that's just gross...} trying to get this family of mine ready to GO! My youngest {as you may have read numerous times because I'm "that" mom...Ha!} is performing in Cinderella a whopping 6 more times (twice a day, through Sunday), and we've decided to save our gas and sanity by staying in a hotel this weekend. Not only that, but my in-laws are flying in from CA to attend Saturday evening's show! Woohoo!!! So that's my excuse for the delay with getting this post out. Sorry! :o[

I've had slightly better progress this week in the workout department. The new block scheduling is working out pretty well; I just have to factor in a bit more time to get in a decent workout. None of this 30 minute stuff! Ugh. I would much rather have a solid 60-90 minutes like I previously mentioned. However, with all these Cinderella performances, homeschooling, and work projects---it just isn't possible. But when the clock strikes midnight on the ballet (ha ha! Get it???), then I'll have more time, I'm sure of it.

Okay, I really, really have to get going now. Sorry this is so short! I hope everyone's having a fantastic week!!!!!!! ((Hugs to you all!!))


Debbie Phillips said...

Have a Great Weekend and I am sure you will get back to "normal" next week if there is such a thing!!!

Yippee! I was stalking your blog and I got to be first on the Linky. I am leaving soon for a day out with hubby celebrating Valentines Day. I hope I don't eat to much.

SisterTipster said...

Looking forward to your pics and sharing about the play~love stuff like that~Have fun and see you soon! HUGS!

Linda Foley said...

I was waiting for you this morning! LOL I didn't do well in the fitness department this week but I am determined to improved!

Annie Kate said...

So exciting! I bet you're enjoying it all.

Annie Kate

Rachel said...

Nominated you for an award dear.


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