Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Returning to Center, Developing Clarity

Oh my gosh, this blog is sooooo sorely out of date and neglected and downright pitiful. Eeek! I have to admit, after spending years writing non-stop product reviews and writing as a job, plus the ease of Facebook status updates, personal blogging took a backseat to sanity. I just couldn't handle writing one more thing.

Could. Not.

Thankfully that heavy fog has been lifting steadily over the past year (yay!), and now I feel muchhhh more relaxed and eager to return to blogging.

As a bit of an update, I thought I'd share a bit about what's been happening since I last posted in 2013 #aLOT

For starters -- the kids! My goodness, they're all so stinkin' old now it's not even funny.

Sierra moved out and started working as a tech for a veterinary laboratory. Ethan is working as a construction laborer on Bainbridge Island so I only see him on weekends now because commuting back 'n forth on the ferry is kind of a pain. He has a girlfriend in Colorado (kill me) and is planning on moving out w/ a buddy of his later this year. (I'm dying.) And Abby - well that girl's still dancing away. She's attended several out of state intensives each summer including Los Angeles, Boston and Houston. She still has her sights set on becoming a professional ballerina so this year's like "do or die". We're talking major stress here, peeps. Gah!

We also adopted a lovely young lady by the name of Mercedes. She's our forth child and she, her hubby Nathan and their daughter, Ava are just too stinkin' awesome for words. Speaking of Ava -- since I'm "mama" I'm officially a GRANDMA now. Woohoo! Ava was born in February of this year and this family is so soooo smitten with her. You have no idea. It's borderline insane, y'all. Just sayin'.

Our pitbull, Cassie passed away on August 1st at the age of 15. (So much sadness...) Granted she held on for 15 years and lived a very full, happy life. But as anyone who's lost a pet knows, they take a piece of your heart with them. In fact, the very "heartbeat" of our house seemed to stop without her presence. It was downright hard to be home sometimes. After 15 years, it just felt WEIRD.

Dean mentioned several times wanting a puppy, but I was adamantly against it. Puppies are WORK, y'all. And lots of it. Besides that, I ain't go no time for no silly puppy. I'm a workin' mama, for Pete's sake.

...So an October 8th, we adopted a new puppy from a rescue facility in Houston, TX. (Ahem)

Her name is Pibble Louise (say "pitbull" fast -- get it? Pibble) and she's a total love. Fernando's not 100% convinced she should be taking up precious space in his kingdom but they're slowly getting used to each other. I think my spouse flat out FORGOT just how much work a puppy actually is. The kids of course had a basic idea and would always nod their heads like "Oh yes, we get it. Of course we'll help, yadda yadda." But they didn't get it-get it either.

Let's just say - they do now. :) :) :)

I'm still working at the hospital, fitness coaching, and working as a virtual assistant for the owner/CEO of a nifty fitness company here in Seattle. In short -- life is still busy and I still love it.

I've recently started to rebuild my VA business and focus on my writing skills and social media management versus being a "VA of all trades". Nothing good comes from trying to do it all, there just isn't. I gave myself a severe case of burnout when I tried to do everything and be everything for everyone,which in the end, profited NO one.

Now that I'm armed with a growing sense of clarity and purpose, I'm excited to see where the good Lord takes me and my business. I know deep down I was always meant to be a writer. The thing I have to always keep in the back of my mind is: I don't HAVE to write for everyone. From now on, I'm going to be working with select clients who are a great match for me - personality and business wise.

My ideal client is a busy mama, wife and possibly a grammy - just like me. A lady who's got a lot on her plate and a big ol' fire in her gut to make a difference. She's a lady of faith, strength and courage; someone who's eager to leave her mark in the world and willing to do whatever it takes to make life awesome for herself and her kids. #boomshakalaka

There's something downright empowering about ditching everyone else's ideas about what or who you should be (or work with), and just setting your sights on what truly matters to YOU.

I'm feelin' PUMPED, y'all. Can you tell? ;)

So what's everyone been up to these past 4-ish years? Did Facebook kill your blog too? Who is your ideal client and has that changed over the years?

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