Friday, February 12, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday

My shoulders, chest and upper back are killing me. Yesterday, I had the genius idea of engaging in a little friendly "girly" pushup competition with fellow Fit Mommies, Mrs. White and Michelle. Thinking I just might be outdone, I decided to really go for it...


I did 90 girly pushups.

Needless to say, I'll be lucky to lift much of anything today. A slice of bread, perhaps? Lifting my arms and washing my hair this morning? Not fun.

But get this. My friend, Nikki did 110 freakin' pushups! And some were even "real" ones--as in the on your toes kind. Can you believe that? Man, and here I thought I was all tough and burly! (LOL) I'm kidding, Nikki. You're not burly by any means. Just in far better shape! :)

Well, now that we've got that little diversion out of the way...! :)

My week went pretty well. Except for that one teensy incident with an apple cobbler. Sigh. Ok, here's my story.

My husband left for the weekend to visit his Grandmother in San Diego. When he returned on Monday, I had a nice supper all planned for him, complete with apple cobbler and vanilla ice cream for dessert. I thought it would be a nice, wifey gesture to welcome him home with such culinary delights. Granted, he was still full from the big lunch that he had, but that didn't stop me. I presented his meal to him with a grand flourish ("Ta dahhhh!"). But to my dismay he didn't burst into applause. Instead he warily eyeballed his plate as if to say, "You seriously expect me to eat all that?" To his credit, he did eat the stuffing. And the veggies.

Feeling slighted, I headed into the kitchen. I was really hoping for confetti, applause..a sash...a crown...a trophy. I sighed heavily, thinking all sorts of sorrowful things when suddenly the apple cobbler stared up at me from the counter. "It'll be ok," it whispered, like the serpent to Eve. "Eat me and you'll feel better."

It was still warm and gooey from oven. And absolutely delicious. (Slurp!) But that was it as far as junk food. Promise! (What? Your food doesn't talk to you like mine?)

Now let's discuss this week's workouts. (Ah, yes. Exercise. The bane of my existence.)

My workouts this week have primarily been focused on the upper body and massive cardio on the bike. I've decided that I'm more than just a little bottom heavy and therefore, should even myself out a bit by focusing on my upper body. You see, dear ones...I'm shaped like a single flower vase. What are those called, anyway? You know what I'm talking about, right? The vase that just big enough for a single rose. Do they even have a specific name? Whatever. I'm shaped like one. All narrow at the top then KERBLAM! once you get to my hips. Joyful, really. Absolutely splendid. Not! I worked out every day this week for at least 45 mins. Woohoo! :)

So that's my week in a nutshell. A rather painful nutshell, if you consider my arms. Which I can't help but consider as they're screaming at me right now. Ugh...

Ok, it's your turn! All you Fit Mommies, it's time to report for duty! :) Sorry, I've always wanted to say that..

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Mrs. White said...

This is wonderful!! You are so entertaining and make this entire experience fun!

Mrs. White

Debra said...

I've always called them bud vases.

It sounds like you are doing great... and this had made a huge difference in my water consumption. This week is the week I am GOING TO EXERCISE too.

*~*~* Tracy said...

90 pushups!? You rock! I think you more than earned the apple cobbler. :)

Heidi said...

I am so impressed with your push-ups! I can't get anywhere near that amount. I did some this week, but all I'll tell you is that I was somewhere between 10 and 90. :)

You're food talks to you too? The chocolate Santa and I had quite the conversation until I finally decided it would be best to be gone with him. GULP!

homeschool101 said...

Wow, That is great, You are on it this week. Congrats to you. Have a great weekend.

Annie Kate said...

Wow! I'm so impressed with your 90 pushups. That is totally amazing!

Annie Kate

workout mommy said...

great job! and just because those push ups were "girly" doesn't mean they weren't the "real" kind! :) Keep up the hard work!


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