Friday, February 19, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday

Greetings ladies! Welcome to another rousing week of Fit Mommy check-ins! :)

I'm pleased to report that this week was even better than the previous for yours truly in regard to nutritional goals. (Yeah!!!) Not one single bite of junk food (by way of sugar) passed through my lips! Wow! Hard to believe, but true. :) Of course, last week's cobbler is gone (Thanks, kids!) and even though Dean did buy me a king size package of Reese's peanut butter cups, I'm proud to say they're still in the cupboard. (For now...If I'm smart, I'll give it to Abby. Better her hips than mine, right?)

I did go out to lunch on Valentine's Day and ate a big burrito smothered in sauce (Not the healthiest fare...), and on Wednesday night, I ate a decent supper consisting of chicken with salsa smeared over the top, corn on the cob and stuffing. (Mmm...stuffing....) I was quite full from that meal but less than an hour later, I was viciously attacked by a "I want something sweet" mood. So, I ate a bowl of Raisin Bran Crunch. Needless to say, my stomach looked positively *bloated* after that, and I had that post-Thanksgiving Day Turkey syndrome; "{Hiccup!}"

Yes, dear sweet ladies, I was feeling pretty darn bad about myself. :o/  But, as we say here at Fit Mommy, dust yourself off and try again!

My workouts went fairly well this week (woohoo!):
  • Monday: recumbent bike 40 mins; 15.8-16.0 miles per hour
  • Tuesday: recumbent bike 65 mins; 15.9-16.2 miles per hour
  • Wednesday: recumbent bike 75 mins; 16.4-16.8 miles per hour / crunches: 60; oblique crunches: 40; push-ups: 50; squats: 60 (no weight this time)
  • Thursday: Firm tape (Cardio Sculpt) 55 mins; used 3/5/8/10/15 lb. dumbbells, depending upon exercise, plus 14 inch step for leg work. These squats of course, were weighted down by 10 lb dumbbells.
  • Friday: see Thursday.
So there you have it. Overall, not a horrendous week. Could've been better of course by not overeating. By the way, I haven't stepped on the scale since that fateful day, as I know it'll yell horrible cruelties at me, which will only lead me to buying a new scale and I'm not in the mood to do so. ;o) Yes, that was an incredibly long sentence but it's early, it's my blog, and my "glutes" are sore. I'm excused.

On a final note of encouragement, I'm sharing a new blog post from personal trainer, Sherri McMillan of Northwest Personal Training. She discusses the very interesting concept of Neuromuscular Facilitation, which is fancy-talk for "get your head in the game". Check it out here!

Oh yes. My goals for next week. Well, basically they're more of the same:
  • No junk food. Increase water. NO overeating! :o/
  • Workout 45 mins + 5-6 days per week.

Okay, ladies. The Linky box is officially open for business! Post your blogs and sign on the dotted line! :) I can't wait read about your week!

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Heather said...

It sounds like you are doing great! A good role model:))

Annie Kate said...

I'm SO impressed with your exercising! Way to go! And the eating wasn't bad either.

Thank you so much for hosting Fit Mommy Friday. It helps me concentrate on exercise a bit more than I otherwise would, and every little bit helps.

Annie Kate

Unknown said...

Thanks, Ladies!! You guys are fabulous! I appreciate the vote of confidence. ;)


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