Monday, June 21, 2010

A Beautiful Evening (Part One)

This past Saturday was Abby’s third ballet recital. She and her two sweet classmates did an excellent job!

On Friday night, the dancers had their dress rehearsal. As you know, the dress rehearsal is when everything gets pulled together and the “complete” picture is revealed.

Abby had to be fully made-up (eyeliner, mascara, brow pencil, lipstick, blush) with every strand of hair glued solidly in place. For the record, it took me several tries to get her bun just right. It would start out great, then end up looking like a crooked cupcake sitting on her head. Now I have no trouble putting her hair up for class. But when it comes to dress rehearsal and performances—you know, when it really counts!—my fingers suddenly go all stupid. It’s most distressing. {Sigh}

Anyway, I finally got her hair up with plenty of gel, hairspray and two handfuls of bobby pins! (Hee hee) It was pretty funny upon exiting the van…the wind was blowing everyone’s hair around their faces but not Abby’s! ;-]  I’m convinced that her “crunchy ‘do” would’ve held up during a tornado!

The following pics were taken during the rehearsal. I did take video of her little run-through, but I don’t know if Dean took it off the camera yet. If he did, I can’t find the file. {Sigh}

IMG_5190IMG_5193IMG_5225    IMG_5444IMG_5447IMG_5467 IMG_5469IMG_5478 The rehearsal ran from 5pm (we got there at 4:30pm) and went until after 9pm. Her best friend, Julianah and her mom Amanda accompanied us, which helped pass the time tremendously! (Thanks, guys!) Due to the late hour (and the van-ful of ravenous tummies), we stopped off at Wendy’s for cheap burgers on the way home. Then once our friends left, it was time for Abby to hit the shower and scrub that gunk out of her hair! {Not fun…}

We all crashed pretty hard that night, especially Abby who fell asleep with “The sound of her recital music playing in her head.” The last thing I thought about (before succumbing to sleep) was how truly happy my little Pookie was. It’s interesting how such a passionate love for dance can be inherited…

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Heidi said...

I love, love, love the b&w close-up of her - simply gorgeous - and totally frame-worthy. You can just tell that she loves dancing. It shines through. :)


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