Monday, June 21, 2010

A Beautiful Evening Part Two: The Main Event

Let me say this right from the get-go: the recital was *awesome*!

Everyone did a fantastic job and I couldn’t be more proud of my little Abby if you paid me! She looked great. :o]

In honor of the main event, we had two special guests fly all the way in from CA: Grandma Deb and Aunt Dyon. Grandma Deb was also a serious ballet student “back in the day” so the three of us had lots of stories to share and opinions to discuss.

The children were *very excited* to see them, as you can tell by this photo of Ethan and Grandma Deb!


After a few hours of visiting and chatting, it was time for Deb and Dyon to check in to their hotel, while we all prepared to leave for the theatre. The show started at 7:30pm, but Abby had to be there—fully made up with her hair super crunchy—by 6:30pm.

After hanging out backstage for awhile, we got a call from Amanda telling us that she and Julianah had arrived. Then my mom came backstage followed by Grandma Deb, Aunt Dyon, Daddy, Sierra and Ethan.

DSCN0021IMG_5570 IMG_5588IMG_5597 dyonethan The girls were starting to get nervous (of course), so they decided to work off that nervous energy by bouncing. I wonder if it worked?

As the clock struck 7:20pm, we left the baby ballerinas backstage and headed for our seats. All those months of practice, practice, practice were about to pay off!

DSCN0028 And pay off they did! The show was spectacular. The girls entered the stage, grinning from ear to ear and danced their little hearts out! Not a step was forgotten, not a gesture—or a hair—out of place. Everything was just as it should be and when they gave their final bows, the entire theatre (most especially rows E, G, H) erupted in thunderous applause, loud whistles, and boisterous shouts of “Woooohoooo!” and “Bravo!” It was great. (“My littlest angel is just so beautiful!” my mom said as she wept tears of joy. So precious!)

Later when it came time for the finalĂ©, the girls once again proved themselves worthy of the spotlight. Their entrance was amazing and they performed each port de bras with grace and finesse…

IMG_5546 Like I said, this year’s recital was a lot of hard work (on Abby’s and her classmates’ part) and time-consuming effort (remember our recital music exploits?). But in the end, it all came together and my little girl had the most awesome time of her life. I’m so glad that so many friends and family members were able to share in this moment with her…Thank you all so much for making this night so special!


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