Friday, August 27, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday

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This week has been pretty uneventful. While I've walked 15 miles this week, I haven't picked up a single weight, nor performed any other exercise beyond that. {Scary, no?}

I've been running non-stop, to and fro--lots of errands, children's activities, shopping--you name it. Thankfully I walk everywhere, so I'm able to get a little exercise in. But my workouts have definitely suffered this week. Big time! I'd really like to get back into the swing of things next week. I miss my weights. :o(

My diet--ahem. Yeah. That's been pretty much "grab 'n go"; granola bars (relatively healthy), sandwiches (egg, pb & j--not so healthy, less the egg), and quick suppers like chicken fried rice from Trader Joe's and (ahem) frozen chicken alfredo pizza. (Which was really good in spite of the dire health consequences of processed foods...*small smile*)

I really, really bombed this week, Ladies! (Sigh) I simply must do better next time, especially with fall approaching which means cold & flu season. If I'm not at my best, I'm a sitting duck for illness! (Something I do not have time for.)

And speaking of time; I was setting up next month's calendar and realized (to my utter shock and disbelief) that we have exactly 3 days in which we have nothing going on! Can you believe it?! How did we get so busy?? Do any of you have schedules like that? Just boom, boom, boom--one thing after another? On the positive side, I certainly won't be bored! (Hee hee) But the drawback is that I'll have to work extra hard throughout September to keep my workouts going. It'll be waaaay too easy to slack otherwise!

Oh! Here's a tiny update about those new L.A. Gear Walk 'n Tone shoes: they're not all they're cracked up to be after the first few miles. When I walked 3 miles in them the first week, I felt a teeny amount of soreness in the backs of my thighs and gluteal area. (Ahem) But now--? Nope. I don't know if other "toning" shoes work better (ie: make you sore on a consistent basis), but I felt that these babies quickly lost their spunk. Oh well. At least they're cute! :)

So that's it for my week. {I told you it was uneventful. ;-) } How was yours???


Kelly said...

Well, your week didn't sound uneventful, but it did seem very, very busy! And yes, I have a month like that coming up too. When you read my post you'll hear why, but I have 4 family birthdays. dad back in school, we're back in school, and church stuff, oh and we have a car issue too (that's not in my post), but I totally understand the FULL month! Good luck working in the exercise. I've had a hard time with that this week and eating well.

Laura O in AK said...

I need to update our calendar, but I'm afraid to see what we've got going on!

Annie Kate said...

Well, if I could ever walk 15 miles in a week, I would be thrilled!

Honestly, Denise, I think you're doing so well! Perhaps not up to your standards, but way better than most people's standards.

By the way, since when are sugar-laden granola bars healthier than an egg sandwich? ;) Ahem! Just put some tomato and lettuce on that egg sandwich and you're doing great.

I'm off to have a piece of black forest cake, or some whipping cream. Can't decide which. Want to join me?


Annie Kate


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