Thursday, November 18, 2010

Toy Review: Monkey Pod Games

monkeypodgames Question - What could possibly be better than a brain teasing puzzle? Answer - Solving it before anyone else does! Ha!

The kind folks over at Monkey Pod Games sent me their Wooden Tangram Set for review. {And let me just say - the kids were super excited!}

What Is It: Monkey Pod Games produces high-quality wooden puzzles, brain teasers and family games. Their motto is: “Sharpen the Wits. Train the Mind”. After spending just a few minutes with their Tangram Set, I fully agreed with that statement!

DSCN0194 The Wooden Tangram Set {$22.95} contains 7 strategically cut puzzle pieces or “tans” and 50 two-sided silhouette playing cards. The cards are divided into 3 categories {animal, abstract shapes and people} and produced on sturdy, glossy cardstock making them both durable and attractive. The game arrives in an attractive, uniquely designed wooden box, which would look great on a coffee table. {Just think: Awesome centerpiece AND nifty conversation starter! Woohoo! Double-duty!}

How To Play: The idea is to re-create the silhouette pictures on the front of the card using all 7 pieces {no overlapping!}, without peeking at the solution on the back. {Trust me, it’s more difficult than it sounds!}

The real “trick” however was getting all the pieces back inside their handy wooden box. {There are instructions for this but—silly me!—I didn’t notice them at first.} The first person to attempt this monumental feat was Abby, but she couldn’t do it. So Ethan gave it a shot. Nothing. And then it was Daddy’s turn. Oh my, he thought he was so clever. {Sly grin} He made several valiant attempts, but alas—he too was outsmarted by seven pieces of wood.

Then it was MY turn…

For those who don’t know me, I’m not one to back down from any challenge, especially those thrown at me by inanimate objects.

DSCN0205 Did I solve it? Oh yeah, baby! And the victory was indeed sweet! {Insert Snoopy dance here.} But as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. Sierra pointed out the instruction card. Ahem.

{Note: I’d considered photographing each person’s attempt—especially Dean’s because he was so darn comical—and cocky—about the whole thing. But there’s the whole *cough* male ego *cough* thing to consider, so…yeah. Moving on!}

My Opinion: I’m extremely pleased with the Wooden Tangram Set and Monkey Pod Games in general. Their selection of brain-teasing games is incredible and I would highly recommend paying their website a visit to do some holiday shopping! {Remember: Just say “No” to mindless toys!}

For more information and to explore everything Monkey Pod Games has to offer, check out their website. To purchase your own Tangram Set for only $22.95 click here.

*Disclosure: I received a free Wooden Tangram Puzzle Set directly from Monkey Pod Games in exchange for this review. No additional compensation—monetary or otherwise—was provided. Opinions expressed in this review are solely my own.*

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Heidi said...

Wow - this looks awesome! I checked out the website and Gracie would LOVE those games. She's all about anything that uses brain power to solve. :)


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