Friday, December 10, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday - Challenge Week 7


Well, I'm sorry to say that I don't know what's going on with me, but I've been feeling even more tired than I did last week. Workouts are harder to drag myself through and I've really only been doing the bare minimum, like biking for 15-20 minutes instead of 45-60. And even then, I'm not pushing myself as hard, so I know I'm not burning calories {or at least, not as many} as I normally would. That's disappointing to say the least.

I think perhaps I'm battling off a bug of some nature. My son, Ethan was sick all last week {even had to stay home from church and be quarantined away from Sierra's birthday party} and now Abby's got the sniffles. She and I have started drinking "Emergen-C" {which tastes disgusting, in case you were wondering} in hopes of knocking whatever we've got, out. In addition to feeling headachy and light-headed, I've been a twinge nauseated off 'n on. Not good.

This weekend, Dean's going to see Pink Floyd -The Wall in concert {insert twirly finger here} and the children are going to my Mom's. With the house to myself, I plan on finishing up some projects I've set aside this week and take a nap. That sounds really nice right about now. :o)

So! Back to Fit Mommy!

I've been thinking and I've got a little something extra for the winner of the challenge. Their very own write-up on my blog! Have you seen those in magazines? Those awesome before/after stories? That's kind of what I'm going for here. I'll shine the spotlight on the winner and {if Mrs. White helps me, because I'm a total ditz when it comes to this sort of thing} award a neat little badge to display on their blog. How's that sound?? :o) Leave a comment and tell me what you think about it. And no, photos {aside from a headshot} are not necessary unless you've lost an impressive amount of weight and you totally *want* the whole "before/after" thing. But I'll leave that up to you. ;-)

Well, I'm having a hard time even sitting upright at the moment and on top of everything else, I have to run over to the hospital this morning to finish the rest of my vaccinations/TB test. So with that said, I think I'm going to cut this check-in short. :o(

Hope you're all having a fabulous week and are able to keep the momentum going! We're down to our final THREE WEEKS!!! Woohoo!


Annie Kate said...

Hey Denise, when you're sick you're SUPPOSED to take it easy!

So rest and only do minimal work outs until you feel well. That is really much better for your body.

Hang in there, and I hope you soon feel better.


Annie Kate

i cant decide said...

I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. I hope you have a nice restful weekend!

Lorus! said...

I hope you take a really long nap! Get some rest and feel better soon.

I think the button and write up are great ideas!

Mrs. White said...

I didn't post my check in. I haven't posted a thing since Thursday. But I'll do a double check-in next week.

Hope you feel better!

and yes, I'll help you! I always do!


Mrs. White


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