Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday - Challenge Week 9 {One Week Left!!!}


Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock! Can you hear it??? ;-) It's almost time to crown the winner of the first ever Fit Mommy 10 Week Challenge!!!! Woooohoooooo!!!! {I'm really getting excited, can you tell?}

I know how hard you've all been working to reach your fitness goals, and I just wanna say, "Keep it up!" You're down to the wire now, so don't lose momentum. A whole slew of fabulous prizes awaits you! :)

Alrighty! Weekly pep-talk officially out of the way. Now onto this week's check in.

I realize the posting here this week might be a bit scarce with the holiday weekend. And once again I decided to post this just a tad bit early. You know. To beat the Christmas rush. {Ha! Kidding.}

My check in this week is going to be downright pathetic. Why? Because I haven't been able to coordinate my workout schedule with my work scheduleS. The capital "S" is not a typo. I have more than one job going right now, so until I develop a rhythm, things are going to be pathetic in the fitness department. Gee, it's a good thing I'm not eligible for the prize package! I'd lose for sure. :)

{What I really should do is coordinate some time to check out the gym at the hospital. All the employees get free usage and I've heard they've got some rather nice equipment. Wink-wink}

So as I was saying, my workouts have been pathetic. Outside of briskly walking to work {which is exactly 2 miles; takes me 25 minutes}, I haven't clocked in any time on the bike or used a DVD. Not even once!

{Insert profuse weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth here}

And my eating? Oh dear. Let's just say I get free meals by working in the cafeteria, and they're not exactly the healthiest fare. Everything is either cooked in or with oil, with the exception of the lunchmeat sandwiches {which aren't too bad}. And then there's this donut/pastry cabinet. Ahem. Yeah. I've reached into that cabinet twice this week. Not good.

{This is why those folks who are trying to be/stay/get healthy, should never, ever, ever work around food. At least not unhealthy food!}

So like I said...pathetic!

Now, hopefully YOU will have something far better to report. After all, this is your last week to pull out all the stops and make that final PUSH toward the finish line!! :o) I know you can do it.

Fit Mommies, report for duty! ;-)


Unknown said...

Oh I hope you continue to do this throughout the new year, I just found your blog and am following (you might want to follow mine back we seem to have similar interests) I'd love to participate in this in the new year.

Best Wishes

Laura O in AK said...

I've always found it interesting that a place supposedly promoting health would have less desirable fare to eat. I hope you start balancing the new work schedules soon.

Annie Kate said...

Hey, your life sounds crazy! But walking to and from work, almost an hour a day, sounds like pretty good exercise to me. Just get a lock for the goodie cupboard, and teach that hospital about nutrition!

Merry Christmas!

Annie Kate

i cant decide said...

Good luck avoiding the yummies at work. My weakness is grilled cheese.

Walking two miles to work is good, especially as fast as you walked.

I hope you get some time this week to enjoy the employee gym!

Lorus! said...

Sorry I am late! I agree with the others though - your daily walk has to be counted!


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