Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fit Mommy Friday ~ Our Winner & A Guest Blogger


Now that the Challenge is over, I didn't want ya'll to lose your mojo and undo all the hard work you've already achieved! So this week, I have two extremely motivational posts for you all!

The first comes from Renita where she explains {as promised} how she became our Challenge Winner. Immediately following hers is our fabulous guest blogger, Rachel Hamrick ~ fitness coach and host of her own fitness show on MomTV ~ sharing her tips for fitness resolution success! Enjoy!!!


When Denise asked me to write up a "How I Did It" post, I laughed out loud when I read her email! It just seemed odd to me to have somebody asking what I did to lose weight. But I did lose 17 pounds and I have changed my attitude about food, so I guess I have something to share. lol

I started the Challenge knowing that I couldn't restrict my food because I was anorexic in high school. Restricting my food has always led me down the 'stop eating to lose weight' road and I know that that is not the road God wants me walking down. I have tried diets that require weighing food and cutting out certain food groups and they all had the same results. I stopped eating all together.

Not this time. I knew that something would have to be different with my eating but also my attitude. I decided that I wouldn't make a No List, but have a limit on How Much. I also decided to view food as a means to an end. The end being energy to live and to take care of my family. The ultimate end being my health.

With that in mind, I approached each meal with the thought of only eating what I needed for fuel, listening to my body for signs that it was full. I ate a lot less than I thought I needed and had always eaten. My serving sizes went down drastically. I also upped my water intake to around 72 oz a day. That helped my body be able to get rid of extra water weight and helped control my eating. I felt fuller therefore I didn't gorge at meal times.

Sleep was another biggie for me. I am a night owl by nature but when I would stay up late, I noticed that the next day I would snack a ton more. My body was craving energy from rest and I was trying to get it from mindless eating. When I went to bed at a decent hour and slept for more than 6-7 hours a night, I didn't crave the fattening and sugary snacks as much.

Exercise was also a big part of it. I know, I know no one wants to hear that. I would so love for the weight to fall off without me having to get up off the couch and move; but it won't! I started with doing 30-45 minutes a day, five days a week with the Wii and would sometimes take a 2 mile walk around our neighborhood. I do not like waking up early in the morning but when I do I actually feel better. Honest! It also helped to get the kids involved and working out with me. I worked harder if they were watching! lol The key was to move my body. Dance around while cleaning, walk up the stairs extra slowly and squeeze muscles while doing it, park farther away and walk, stop sitting around watching t.v. or playing on the computer. Ouch! That one really hurt. Not just one thing, but all of them adding up together are giving me the results I want.

The biggest change for me was my attitude. I stopped looking at myself and thinking/saying negative things and started getting realistic. I admitted to being overweight and seeing the things I needed to work on. I would think the negative, "I am so fat" and instead would say, "I am overweight, but I am working on it." I stopped focusing on the bulges and bumps and focused on the effort and changes I was making. I accepted me the way I was and then made changes based on the results I wanted. It's an every minute kind of thing!

I have a long way to go but the change in my attitude towards food is a lasting and permanent thing. I do not need it to make me feel better or to cheer me up. I need it for fuel.

{Note: The second picture was taken this morning after I was able to fit into a pair of jeans that I hadn't been able to before. AND they were even baggy around the waist and butt! It's not a great pic but I had to have a pic in those jeans. lol"}

Awesome post--and congratulations once again, Renita! {{Hugs}} You're an inspiration!

Now it's time to introduce our Guest Blogger and new Fit Mommy Team Member. Her name is Rachel Hamrick and she's a fitness coach and host of "Fitting in Time for Fitness" on MomTV. Here are her tips for making the most of your New Year's Fitness Resolutions!


Making Your Fitness Resolutions a Reality: 10 Simple Steps to Get Started
By Rachel Hamrick
We’ve all been there.. made the resolution to start getting fit.. maybe even bought DVDs from a late night infomercial or desperately dug though your wallet looking for the unused gym card.. but NOW WHAT? The question I get most often is how do I get started? How do I actually make my resolution a reality and save myself from making the same resolution again next year? Seems simple, right.. but even the mere thought of it often stops people in their tracks and sends them straight back to the couch. :) So, I decided to break it down into 10 simple steps that will help you get started on the path to health and fitness.

Step 1: Get real with yourself about your priorities

Before you can even decide what your goals are let alone do anything to achieve them, you have to determine your priorities—and you need to be brutally honest. My priorities are family/friendships, health, career. So, everything I do, including my workouts has to align with those priorities. That’s why I get up at 5:30am to workout despite the fact that I have a hate/hate relationship with the alarm clock. It’s the only time that doesn’t interfere with my family time but keeps me on track toward my fitness goals. Life and good health are about choices—not always easy ones—but getting your priorities straight helps make it easier.

Step 2: Determine your goals and WRITE THEM DOWN

My rule of thumb for workouts and life is everything starts with writing down your goals. Do you want to lose weight? How much in what time period? Do you want to tone up? Build muscle? Tighten up your mid-section? Whatever your goals are WRITE THEM DOWN! I have read a ton and learned a lot about goal setting so if you need help let me know. A great resource…

Step 3: Find the right workout

Once you have clearly defined your goals, you can pick the best program. There are all sorts of home workouts out there from intense cardio, to weight lifting to yoga and everything in between. It is possible to find a workout that you will like and that will get you results!

Step 4: Get your mind in the right place

In my opinion, this is the most important step AND the one almost everyone skips over. If you don’t start speaking to yourself in a positive, motivating way and STOP listening to that little voice telling you “You can’t” or “You’re too tired” then you will never successfully meet your goals. Learning how to speak to myself like I am the coach of my own team has made an enormous difference in my health and fitness. My favorite mentor and motivator on this topic (and many others) is Chalene Johnson. Do yourself a favor and get her Car Smarts series.. I promise you won't be disappointed!

Step 5: Create the right environment

Having the right environment to work out in, especially at home, is important. The good news is that with most home workout programs you don’t need much. Here are my top tips: (none of these are essential just optimal.. i.e. you cannot use NOT having one as an excuse for not exercising ;)

1. Find a space with enough room to move that can be closed off from the rest of the house;

2. Get the right equipment: Most programs let you know what equipment you will need in terms of weights, mats, bands, etc. But I think it is equally important to have the right shoes and comfortable workout clothes.

3. Get a sign that says “workout in progress” or “Do not Disturb” and put it on the door before you start each day (my sign says “want to workout with me.. come on in.. if not, I’m busy”)

Step 6: Get the right tools

Information is power, so why not arm yourself with the best possible tools to help you succeed. For me that means a food journal (a phone app, a notebook or anything else that is easy for you) and some device to monitor your calorie output. I use the BodyBugg because I think it’s the most accurate and effective device on the market, but there are others out there as well.

Step 7: Find an accountability partner(s)

Ok.. we need to channel the memories of 1st grade field trips.. the buddy system.. it worked then and it works with fitness! Getting an accountability partner who will actually hold you accountable (i.e. won’t be mean but won’t let you off the hook either) is an important component of weight loss. Let’s face it—we are much more likely to let ourselves down than someone else.. right? If you want tips on how to choose a good and effective accountability partner let me know!

Step 8: Schedule your workouts

This step is simple but also overlooked… schedule your workouts like you do your appointments. Yes, I mean take a calendar and write down (on your phone, your fridge, wherever) what workout you will do each day (even if it’s a rest day write REST). I know, I know most at home workout programs come with a calendar but I am a big believer in scheduling your workouts anyway… more accountability!

Step 9: Design a healthy eating plan

I can, have and will write entire blog posts on this subject, but for now the important part is to make sure that you are developing a plan for healthy eating along with your workout program. Weight loss and fitness are mostly about what and how you eat!

Step 10: Decide. Commit. Succeed.

Now you're ready for action. And this is the hardest part because it’s all you! You are the one that needs to press play every day and commit to getting fitter and healthier. You need to do the hard work but you also get to take credit for the results! I love to help keep people accountable so if you need some extra coaching let me know.

My new year’s wish for all of you is to do more, be more and give more! Here’s to a healthier, happier and lighter :) 2011!!

To learn more about Rachel, please visit her website

So! What do you think? Are you excited to start the year off right? Are you eager to keep the momentum going and get a jumpstart on the next Fit Mommy Challenge? {Because you know there's going to be another one, right...? Hee hee} No, I'm not announcing the next one just yet. But I will soon. I promise!

In the meantime, if you've got your weekly check-in to share, we're eager to read it! :o) Happy New Year, Fit Mommies! Here's to an amazing year of vibrant health and stellar achievement!


Annie Kate said...

What an awesome duo of posts!

Great job, Renita!

Rachel's suggestions are wonderful. I suppose my only equipment is a pedometer, which broke yesterday, and which I hope to replace today. Maybe.

Thanks for hosting, Denise, and happy new year!

Annie Kate

PS I noticed you snuck by without reporting your own week. What's up with that, hmmm? Just kidding.

Unknown said...

I love both of these posts. Congrats Renita! Yea for jeans that zip up, I had a pair of jeans this week that I haven't worn since before my first baby was born. Looking foreword to hearing everyone's journey I love this MEME!

Dawn said...

I'm here! I remembered. Woo hoo! Thanks again ladies!

Lorus! said...

Renita - Thank you for sharing your story. I think the sleep and attitude changes make such an amazing difference in me as well.

And Denise, thank you for including Rachel's guest post - I am printing it out so I can refer to it. (yep, I'm a paper gal!)

I'm glad to be a part of FMF - thank you and Mrs. White so much for the accountability and encouragement.

i cant decide said...

I am ready to go! Now if only this cold would go away so I could get all of my workouts in each week.

Debbie said...

Hi, I just joined your Fit Mommy Program - I am really looking forward to this.


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