Friday, March 18, 2011

Fit Mommy Friday

*The purpose behind Fit Mommy Friday is to encourage mothers in their quest toward healthy living. Whether your goal is to lose weight or simply eat healthier, Fit Mommy Friday is about sharing our weekly successes, struggles, and goals for improvement.*

This week I've been much better about not turning to food as a source of comfort during times of stress. {Yay me!} And with the help of a pair of new (to me) workout videos, I've been giving myself a nice break from the stress. At least for an hour or so, which is better than nothing. :o)

Junk food's been non-existent {double yay me!}, although that'll probably be shot to the four winds this weekend as it's Abby's 11th birthday on Saturday, followed by her party on Sunday. My mom and Sierra whipped up a HUGE batch of my mother's famous peanut butter balls {chocolaty dipped, peanut buttery goodness that tastes far better than a Reese' joke!} for the party, and of course there's going to be plenty of cake/cupcakes as well. {Shakes fist at the sky: "Blast you, vile chocolate and your irresistibleness!"}Therefore, next week's check in will not be anywhere near as awesome as this one. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Moving on!

I'd like to take a moment and thank you all for your sweet words of encouragement and prayers. My hubby's still looking for a full time job, but--Praise God!--he was able to secure a couple of computer repair jobs to keep us afloat through the remainder of the month. Woohoo!

The one networking job is for an office building in downtown Seattle, which I later learned was none other than Ever hear of it? It's an awesome children's clothing deal site for moms. {Seriously, the deals are amazing. Check 'em out if you haven't already done so!}

This was so cool because:
1) I obviously know about and love Zulily,
2) they're located in Seattle and I hadn't noticed that before (duh), and
3) the guy he's working for is super-cool as is the company. Dean said it looked as though everyone was having a blast just being there. {Which is really saying something for a work environment, ya know?} Anyway, I just wanted to share that.

Well, that's about it for me this week. Like I said, next week's check will not be as cool with all the chocolate staring me down. But I am confident I shall not overindulge. Enjoy, yes. But not to excess. ;-)

How was your week?????


Annie Kate said...

Those chocolate peanut butter balls sound just like the ones I indulged in this week. They're a 'good' meal replacement.... Well, kind of!

It's awesome that your hubby found some things to keep your family afloat! Praise the Lord.

Annie Kate

PS I got my own domain name and MOVED!!! Very exciting.

Stacy said...

Glad to hear your hubby got a few jobs to help out. BTW -- My hubby's name is also Dean!

And I didn't stay away from chocolate. I got the irresistable urge to make brownies, topped with marshmallows, then a layer of peanut butter/chocolate chips/rice cereal. Yum, yum! I didn't sleep very well last night. I have to wonder if it was due partly to that chocolate!

lisaplus6 said...

it has been a hard winter with inconsistent work for my dh. i completely understand and i will continue to pray for you! it can add to the stress. which could lead to more peanut butter balls (which i adore!!) :) i am so glad to hear that your husband has at least a couple of jobs to tide you through.
thank you for the link up and encouragement!

SisterTipster said...

I guess I'm excited for you that you all have some work for him this month and a possible opportunity~Wow~it's definitely a blessing! You have a great attitude and drive~it won't be too long..maybe it's the MAKING YOU TO LIE DOWN IN GREEN PASTURES so that He (God) can restore your soul~part of PS 23 from God...HE speaks and works as we least expect it~BIG HUGS!

Rodna Allman said...

Sorry you have had such a tough week. Hopefully next week will be better.

Jen said...

I do not like chocolate very much. but paired with peanut butter YUM!!

Everything in moderation! Just have a little taste if you can. I have found that if I tell myself I "can't" have something it's all I want. So I allow myself a little taste.

I pray your husband finds permant work.

momma24 said...

I remembered this week! Yay! I will be praying for your hubby and the whole fam.

North Laurel said...

Enjoy the chocolates and irresistables :) Have one for all of us! heehee


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