Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Weekend Trip To Whidbey Island

As I’d mentioned in my Fit Mommy Friday post, this past weekend my family went on a weekend getaway to Whidbey Island. My husband’s family flew in from CA to join us. We had a lot of fun! It was so nice to just get out and do something different for a change. Even though I’ve lived here my entire life, I’d never been to Whidbey Island. (Strange,  huh?) It’s only a short ferry ride away, too. Oh well. :o)

The only downfall of the trip was my health, or lack thereof. My sore throat and headache turned into laryngitis, which turned into a horrendous chunky cough. (Gross) I looked and felt awful! If I didn’t keep a steady stream of hot herbal tea flowing down my throat, I quickly got squeaky and hoarse, which would make me cough even more. I was a walking disaster, I’m telling you!

But I did manage to play a few games of badminton with the kids (in case you’re wondering; I stink!) and Dean turned out to be quite the badminton champion. Equally impressive was Uncle Randy’s prowess on the court (aka lawn). Those two got some serious moves! ;-]

We stayed at this awesome rental house called Lagoma Lodge, which was nestled right on the beach.

Here are a few pics from our trip…

DSCN0060The kids and Cassie, waiting in line for the ferry. They’re all obviously very excited. :)

DSCN0063  This is Fernando, all nestled next to my lap. He was very nervous about the whole car ride thing. He had no idea what was going on. (And he really didn’t care for the folks wandering around outside our van, either! Yikes! Chihuahua—attaaaaack!)

DSCN0066 Father in law, Russ (aka: Papa Russ). He was standing outside our van waiting for the ferry. Fernando was having a fit the whole time…

DSCN0074 Sister in law, Dyon with Dean. Aren’t they cute? :) (And borderline confused-looking…)

IMG_5621              The rental house—in all its splendor! Ta-dahhhhhhh!!!!

IMG_5619       Looking out from the porch toward the water. Very pretty, yes?


IMG_5696  Exploring the property. Ethan and Abby, next to the bunk house. This is where Dyon and her husband, Randy stayed. The table and chairs at the top of the picture are next to a fire pit where we later made S’mores! :)

IMG_5724 Check it out! This bald eagle was perched right in front of our lodge! Isn’t that amazing? I named him Reginald. :)  Dean finds the name ridiculous. Oh well.

IMG_5695                               Yes, I really do carry him around a lot. :)

DSCN0075                      Exploring the island…or at least, our corner of it. :)

DSCN0094          Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! Ha ha ha! Too funny… :)

IMG_5979 How many Oppers does it take to set up a Badminton net? You do the math. :) Hee hee!

IMG_6097                      Ethan and Papa Russ… the shuffleboard ninjas! :) 

            IMG_6274                                   The Opper family tree…er, log. Ahem. 

DSCN0152Okay, before you say anything, allow me to explain. We went tooling around Langley, a quaint little area on the island, and we came across this amazing shop filled with rugs and trinkets from the Middle East. These Turkish hats are made from sheep wool and resemble giant afros. Of course, they’re situated right inside the door and MY children found them, first thing. The children were trying them on, laughing it up when the shop owner said,  “I’d be happy to take a family picture if you want.” {Uhh…? No. No way. Nope. No how. Get me outta here, see ya!} But as you can see, I was out-voted. However, I did my very best to hide behind Abby’s sheep head. Baaaa…!!! :)

I’ll try to post more photos later on. I’m probably going to be in trouble with The Man for not using the ones that are watermarked (copyright: Dean Opper 2010). But not every photo has been watermarked as yet, and I knew if I didn’t get some posted NOW, I’d never do it. {Sigh}

Hope you got a good laugh over some of these! I sure did! :)


Rachel said...

Looks like a fun weekend!

Silence said...

I love Whidbey Island! I have been there alot but then again we have a friend who lives there. Last summer when my family from Ca. came to visit we took them there, and some of us walked part-way across the bridge there! YIPES! Where you guys stayed looks really beautiful! Thanks for sharing,


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