Thursday, July 8, 2010

Daybook Entry


Outside my window... bright, bold and growing increasingly warmer sunshine!

I am thinking... that my A/C usage has officially placed me on my electric company's Christmas card list.

I am thankful for... my awesome husband.

From the kitchen... I just ate a burrito (left overs from last night). Lots of meat, salsa--yum!!!

I am wearing... lavender shorts and a black T-shirt. Yes, I'm a total fashionista.

I am creating... my To Do list for the day. Which is kinda starting to freak me out as it grows longer 'n longer.

I am have to suck it up and take my kids to/from their respective classes this afternoon/evening. In the heat. And I don't wanna.

I am reading... too many books at once! :o)  I've got "Blind Hope" (it's a review book), "Never Say Never" (another review book), and several library books about homeschooling through high school and writing transcripts.

I am hoping... that Dean's doctor appointment this afternoon goes well.

I am hearing... Fernando attack his toy sock. He's growling and whipping it back 'n forth. Attack, chihuahua!! ATTAAAAACK!!!

Around the house... the usual daily cleaning. It drives my kids nuts but they'll understand one day. If not, there's always hope that their spouses keep things clean! {Hee hee}

One of my favorite things... is daydreaming about my coronation when I officially become Queen of Everything. Ahh...bliss.

A few plans for the rest of the week: ballet, tae kwon do, chuch and--wait for it--our 12th anniversary!!!! (Jeepers, can you believe it? Twelve whole years?! a row!)

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

This was taken on our 10th anniversary when we renewed our vows.
Pretty neat, huh? We're standing under a gorgeously decorated chuppah!

1 comment:

melanie said...

Enjoyed reading your Daybook, Denise =)

We received our electric bill today :o Ouch. Let's just say May 20-June 18 was HOT and sunny here! (...and it hasn't been much different since...)

Love the picture! ~♥~


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