Friday, November 19, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday – Challenge Week 4

We’ve made it through our first month of the Challenge!!! Woohooo! And you know something? You ladies are fantastic! Not only is the advice and support really starting to fly around our little Yahoo Group, but also on Facebook and through random blog comments and emails. It’s so great to see you all tapping one another on the shoulder with a “Hey, how’s it going? Did you workout today?” etc. You’re all so determined to help one another succeed, despite the lure of fabulous prizes for yourself! {Hee hee! I just love that!}

So, HOORAY and kudos to you all! {Give yourselves a hand!}


And now, ‘tis time for my weekly check in! 

Things have been going a lot better in every aspect of my health. {High fives!} Thank you all so much for your prayers. :) I’ve been able to keep my eating under control less one incident with a box of Wheat Things Sticks. {Have you seen those? Oh my gosh,!} I’m not usually a “salt” person, less 1-2 days per month. {Aheloser-300x290m} So as I was saying, these things are super yummy and really salty, and I ate far too many of them in one sitting. {Literally. I was sitting.} Which isn’t a good thing. However, I don’t feel as bad as I would if I’d eaten say…a fudge brownie. THEN I’d feel like a total loser with a capital “L”.

Workouts for the week were as follows:

Monday: Jillian Michaels – No More Trouble Zones. Yes, I love this lady. She’s incredible and her workouts leave me feeling like I’ve conquered some herculean task. {Insert chest bump here}

Tuesday: Sore from Jillian. Figures. Time to hop on the ol’ exercise bike and “take it easy”. {Ha!} Rode for 60 mins at a speed of 14-17 mph. {I like to ride in intervals—not so fast for 2 minutes, then top speed for 1 minute, repeat. I gradually increase the length of each interval as I get more warmed up.}

Wednesday: The Firm – Better Body & Buns {let’s hope!}. This is one of my top fave Firm workouts ever. Really fun, motivational and it targets all those not-so-stellar areas of the lower body.

Thursday: Back to Jillian. I think she missed me.

Friday: See Tuesday.

Oh, did you all see the little “sneak peek” I posted the other day? If not, click here. The Challenge Winner’s prize package is really amazing and this “sneak peek” features only ONE of our generous sponsors’ contributions to it! ;-] The rest of the prizes will be delivered directly to the recipient at the end of the contest.

Alrighty then! It’s time for you to share this week’s successes with the rest of us! For our handful of newcomers—Welcome aboard! If you have any trouble signing the Linky, shoot me an email at denise opper (all one word) at gmail dot com.  Let the blog hopping begin!!!


Anonymous said...

You are doing great Denise! Staying focus is certainly the key :)


SisterTipster said...

Thanks so much for creating this meme~and yes, 4 weeks is incredible!! Have a blessed day! hugs!

Shannon said...

Dangit! I forgot to weigh in this week, I'm gonna comment, but not write a post this week.. sorry Denise! I didn't meet my goal of not eating desserts (two birthdays in two weeks didn't help!) and right now I've no idea of my weight goal success... I'm going to set a reminder to weigh in for next week. I'm still "going for it" ... I'm not gonna quit... not yet. :o)

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to this even though I'm late joining in! It sounds like you are doing well. I realy need to check out Jillian...I need a good little kick to get going!

Annie Kate said...

Isn't it funny how fudge seems so much worse than something salty? I feel exactly the same way. Especially gluten-free, yeast free chips. Yum!

It sounds like you had a good fitness week. Way to go!

Annie Kate

Laura O in AK said...


You are way more fit than me and I can't imagine your body needing as much attention as mine. Let's just say some of us are built with a larger backside than others...

I am blown away by the prize package you've been putting together. Jillian both intrigues and scares me at the same time...

Susan said...

I think I better not win that prize might kill me;O) Just kidding. I think I've hit a bit of a plateau I need to work on...but I'm sure I'll get past it with a little help from my friends.

i cant decide said...

Awesome week Denise! I'm sure many of us are glad you aren't eligible for the prize, ;). I'm so glad you are feeling better!

Lorus! said...

I can't believe it's been Four Weeks! We are almost half way!!! Thank you to you and Mrs. White for putting this challenge together.

momma24 said...

Not a great week for me since we were traveling, but I can't wait to get back to it this week.


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